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A Groundbreaking UFO Film
September 11th, 2009
Tempe, Arizona

"The Appearance of a Man"
A Film By Daniel Pace

A UFO Digest Film Review
Robert D. Morningstar & Jill Benzer

(Copyright 2009, Robert D. Morningstar & Jill Benzer - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 10:45 September 8, 2009

"The Appearance of a Man", an independent film written and directed by Daniel Pace is a most compelling work that boldly explores a unique perspective on UFOs. It is a special achievement, reflecting much research, soul searching and a profound dedication to the artistic process. The endeavor was inspired by the personal experiences of people in Arizona and the phenomenon of "The Phoenix Lights."

2000 years ago, they called them Angels...

The colors, composition and intimacy of the cinematography convey true visual beauty. The images are unusually alive - vital as a storyteller, expressing much through adventurous perspectives and wordless intervals. Remarkably, the film flows with centeredness and peace, despite an ever-present intimation of a potentially frightful and awe-inspiring Unknown. The integrity of the performances of the actors is outstanding, and the vivid characterizations that remain in the mind's eye long after the film is over.

In "The Appearance of a Man", starring Michel Tassoni, we take a difficult journey with a man who must discover more about who he is and, in the process, more about all of existence. He and the others in the story have felt their lives altered by the intense, confounding, oddly compassionate presence of a being with "the appearance of a man." The title is a reference to a phrase from the Book of Daniel, suggesting the occurrence of parallel events 2000 years ago.

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