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UFO Sighting during the movie "Arlington Road"
by Mario Maisto

Posted: 14:00 September 2, 2009

Hi Dirk, I want to report a new sighting during the movie "Arlington Road":

The object in question could be a disc-shaped or triangular, certainly it can not be attributed to shape and shine to identified flying objects or birds.

We note that the lack of wings and the lack of the classic livery of a plane, the motion is rectilinear uniform, the cruising speed is also quite high, for part of its motion the object is covered by the actor Jeff Bridges at 0:07 s of the video and by the actor Tim Robbins at 0:19 s of the video so the object is real and can not be a reflex also because the motion of the object is absolutely independent of the camera and there are no sources of light moving in front the camera.

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