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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

Challenges of Disclosure of ET UFO Community
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Posted: 19:21 September 15, 2009

Challenges for all of us on earth are expected. We need a new model for the entire global population and it is the ET UFO Community leading the challenge of disclosure of information on the ETs and UFOs.

We share our stories because we care, we are awake, and are aware. Awake and Aware of the fact that ET's and UFOs exist and always have. I know this and I have chosen to expose my knowledge to others. Some things I am still not disclosing out of fear. This can be explained as time goes by in my own life. I am not the best communicator and why I am here is to learn.

Sharing one's own life experiences with others unknown makes us friends to some and enemies of others. This is par for the course and seems to be part of what we are here to explore as human beings.

Being real when one writes has to be part of the foundation in the soul. But, a point that keeps coming up in my body-mind-spirit is that although I use words to create my thoughts and feelings on paper or in electronic computer form the words seem so meaningless. I find writing a challenge.

There are many writers in the world and only a small few who choose to write about the paranormal and the ET UFO Community. I recently spoke to Steven Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) by telephone. We prearranged this long awaited phone conversation because of technical difficulties which are best laid plans gone awry. That is a story that can be left untold at this point. But, the point is that sometimes, even the simplest ideas for the normal human being can become a challenge in the ET UFO Community.

There was a story in me that wanted to surface and Steven Bassett helped me decide to set it aside and wait. Wait until a later time. Was I wrong to allow another human being in the ET UFO Community to persuade me to wait on releasing my known information in person?

Steven Bassett took notes by telephone and was gathering information for himself. Steve was not familiar with me as a writer on UFO Digest. Steve had not read any of my articles prepared for Dirk Vander Ploeg alone. I had not shared my articles on UFO Digest with any other publication. I kept these stories for Dirk and his readers alone. This was because I felt that those who were searching in the ET UFO Community would be the most understanding of my rough drafts of life's notes that I had accumulated in my archives of content in my brain.

The challenges that I face with sharing my life in words in electronic form on the Internet in locations such as the UFO Digest is that it is hard for me to express what I feel when there are no words presently on earth to describe my passion for others on earth.

I try sometimes to use the regular analogies, anachronisms, examples, samples, and parodies to share what I think I am conveying to others and most of the time it appears that I am misunderstood. But, then when I feel that I write in general terms for the layperson, I find that those who desire to know more from me get upset. When I try to arrange an article to express what is inside and how I feel it never seems to attract the audience that it was intended. Therefore, writing for the ET UFO Community has become a real challenge for me.

One would think that spirit and religions have no part in the UFO Digest as some of my readers have pointed out to me. For example, one reader sent me an email that seemed to be in favor of my belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials but, they were not in favor of me believing that spirit and prior religions have a place in the ET UFO Community. There are others who feel that the spiritual is a part because of our beliefs that ET's are those who came before and our ancestors referred to them as Gods and Goddesses from above. This takes us into a whole new genre of myths and legends versus stories in the Bible, Quran (Koran) and other scriptures, scrolls, and books written that some cultures consider sacred scriptures and texts.

The future of all of us are all headed into the future and we are using a bench mark date of 2012. We are all sharing this date December 21, 2012, 11:11 as a time when we hope to raise awareness and are awake enough to transcend the human consciousness to the critical mass conscious way of raising our critical mass consciousness to that of the Ascension Centered Enlightenment (ACE). This to some has to do with the Christ Ascension.

Therefore, this ET UFO Community is addressing in my opinion the future and how we will fare with the understanding of the teachings of the great prophets and masters who are held in high esteem as our Lords and Masters of the past, present, and future.

The challenge in the ET UFO Community may be about the old ways conforming to the new with better ways to share electronically on the computers, cell phones, and basically in cyberspace. We are coming to know parts of each other on the surface based on a two dimensional world of words. Steven Bassett is a man with a mission. His mission is to ask our American government to disclose the information that we have on file that proves that ET UFO's are real and that extraterrestrials are real. There are other ways to state his mission but the truth in general is what Steven Bassett wants from our American government archives.

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