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Has the China UFO Eclipse Event Really Been Debunked?
by Michael Cohen
(Copyright © 2009 Michael Cohen)

Posted: 13:00 September 16, 2009

Compelling evidence suggests that on July 22 when the people of China looked skyward to observe the miracle of a solar eclipse they were not alone. Visitors from outer space were with them. A number of UFO sightings were reported around the country and The Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory in Nanjing recorded footage of what, at the least, was an object in space that was out of place and could not and has not been identified (a UFO in most people’s books).

One of the other UFO sightings involved a group of schoolchildren in the city of Deqing. I reported extensively on this sighting, beginning with this article, as any regular reader of this news site would know.

Not long ago I also wrote an article that outlines my findings suggesting that the Chinese government has no intention of disclosing the fact that extraterrestrial craft are visiting Earth anytime soon. So naturally when a Purple Mountain Astronomer slipped and mentioned to a journalist that an ‘Unidentified object’ was seen in space, the government went into damage control and debunking mode.

The astronomer Mr Ji Haisheng, promptly made it clear that he, being a sane person, would never suggest that any UFO or object observed could be an alien craft that might suggest that the entire universe consisting of billions of galaxies doesn’t exist solely for the benefit of human beings unlikely to ever make it past Mars.

A number of ill-researched articles appeared further debunking the event and getting it all wrong. One such article was written by Luke McKinney, a seeming 21st century version of a flat-earth proponent. He thinks that anyone who believes that other planets may harbour civilization, as does Earth, is a lunatic. Aliens, according to McKinney, should know their place and stick to science fiction books and movies and not make a bother of themselves by showing up in real life.

Mr McKinney made a number of serious errors. He suggested that the Deqing sighting by the students was simply rolled out to further add to the credibility of the Purple Mountain event. As mentioned above, anyone who regularly reads my articles would know how much I covered this sighting and how important I thought it was well prior to the Purple Mountain Observatory announcement: going as far to have written this article.

However when I did get wind of the fact  that The Purple Mountain Observatory had recorded an ‘unidentified object’ during the eclipse I must say that I got excited.

Then the debunking began. However not, by any means, smoothly.

The initial statement by The Purple Mountain Observatory claimed the objects in question were flare ups on the sun’s surface and this image, allegedly showing the unidentified objects, was rolled out as proof:

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