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UFO, An Educated Inquiry
by David P Kuhlman

UFO Researcher/ Book Reviewer/ Writer

Posted: 00:23 September 25, 2009

UFO, An Educated Inquiry

I think it is safe to say that all of us have at least heard or seen things at times in our lives that defy common logic, as we know it. Things that are not commonplace in the world in which we live that leave us in a state of denial and disbelief. This was also a common factor upon early man and civilizations as well. This does not however place these incidents in the world of make-believe and it leaves us to consider the true origins of such events. In most all of my work I lean heavily upon the topic of UFO's and possible alien contact between humans, and for the record this writing will be no different, but I would like to consider another form of phenomenon that to me seems to be intertwined many times with the ongoing UFO enigma. I feel this writing is warranted simply because it is a very real possibility and an ongoing situation that many truly fail to see or acknowledge.

UFO's and possible alien visitations have been at the forefront of past and modern day phenomenon reports for centuries. Modern man has failed to disprove or rightly prove the existence of such matters to this day. I for one have researched and indulged myself along with others to come to some sort of understanding and common ground regarding these issues and I will continue to do so until either I draw my last breath or all mankind knows the truth. The situation we face regarding UFO's has seemed to always be a tough up-hill climb riddled with tons of misinformation and down right lies, thus making every inch of research highly painstaking to an individual that is inquiring. UFO's and aliens have been the frontrunner in modern day (since 1947) paranormal phenomenon and an increasing number of personalities are joining the ranks of UFO enthusiast as we speak, many of whom once scoffed the idea aliens from another world or realm was just utter bilge!

Through time there has been other phenomenon being reported all over the world as well, a phenomenon of a different sort of note… or is it? It is funny really how one group of people can denounce the existence of one thing yet they are 'all in' regarding other forms of rare phenomenon. I think we all would agree the sightings and reports from all over the planet regarding 'spirits' or 'ghosts' has been and still is a hot topic with many paranormal investigators today. There are today television shows dedicated to such investigations such as "Ghost Hunters" and others as well. There are many people or groups though whom I have mentioned above that seems to favor strongly certain areas of the paranormal and totally disregarding others that seem no more far-fetched to the layman than the one they support at all costs. During my time within the UFO phenomenon research genre I have noticed a similar or common bond if you will, with reported UFO's and ghost sightings. I know that many who has studied the UFO phenomenon at any length has had to notice the similarities at one time or another. This is because it is a fact and it happens regularly.

Maybe I have been more in tune to these two phenomenon's relationships to one another simply because I have had the experience on both sides of the spectrum, although in my case they were totally unrelated incidents, or were they? I had two UFO sightings as a child back in the middle 1970's, one of which happened during the UFO flap in Georgia from 1974 to 1976 and the other in 1978. I witnessed an 'orb' that was flanked by numerous helicopters during the first sighting. The second sighting involved a large 'Fireball' object that moved silently across the sky in a continuous and steady east to west route along the horizon. I also had a terrifying experience along with my family with ghosts and hauntings as a younger child in 1972. Where at times apparitions were observed by both me and my parents. I have to say personally that the apparition experience that was witnessed was much more terrifying than the UFO encounters by far!

Through all of the UFO sightings reported daily there are many of which that describe 'entities' at some point during these events. Maybe a person observes these entities during an encounter with aerial objects or the landing of an unknown craft or light but sometimes these apparitions are observed entirely separate from an encounter with UFO type phenomenon all together, but they are often preceded or quickly succeeded by what is observed and reported to be as some type of UFO phenomenon that we all are aware of. Through the years many of these reports have been noted where the witness has observed what they will relate to an apparition or ghost with an actual UFO encounter.

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