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Hoax and Fraud in the scientific establishment
by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 11:50 September 6, 2009

Hoax and Fraud in the scientific establishment
Ur was a city in ancient Sumer (now Iraq). Ziggurats are massive pyramid-like structures that have stepped levels leading to a temple at the top.

Are the works of Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin a Hoax, Fraud or Fact?

The work of these authors are very interesting...can we doubt that "something" happened millennia ago?

One's perspective dictates one's conclusion. Science emphatically denies any sort of supernatural even though facts and events show their evidence. Dr Hawking stated that all scientific inquiry is based on a series of assumptions. If these assumptions are inaccurate, then your conclusion falls apart. Daniken, Sitchin and Biblical authors often talk about the same events, but from differing perspectives Scientific authors with impressive credentials involved in the "peer review" process are hardly immune from bias. There is an immense amount of hard evidence that disputes the scientifically accepted "facts" of global warming, evolution, Uniformitarianism, but any qualified scientist even asking for debate on these subjects is automatically expelled from universities, made a Pariah by these so-called impartial peer review panels. In the last few years many scientists with impeccable credentials have disputed orthodoxy only to have their papers refused review, discussion and publication. The establishments preconceived bias is overwhelming, reminding us of the acts of the "Holy Office" of the Roman Church (The inquisition) No dissention with Dogma within academia is tolerated. In many instances, for example, Christians are still given failing grades in biology classes by their professors if they do not believe in evolution.

The works of the almost forgotten researchers Velikovsky and Fort is a good example of this bias.. The facts they discussed are in many instances true even if the conclusions they reached were inaccurate... Both works deal a death blow to the doctrine of Uniformitarianism, As does Biblical Archaeology. ((Uniformitarianism is the theory that gradual change over billions of years is responsible for everything)) Later qualified credentialed researchers have verified some of Velikovsky's and Fort's most important discoveries.

The scientific elite of their day (1950) refused to debate the questions they raised, going so far as to banish the works from university campuses and threaten any academic with expulsion for wanting to discuss them...

The same fate awaits serious qualified credentialed researchers today.

As of this writing several hundred qualified credentialed experts have publicly opposed the man made global warming hype, only to be met with increased hysterical opposition instead of reasoned discussion and examination of the facts.

Several irrefutable facts:

Truth is not a personal decision. Whether its true to YOU is irrelevant...Truth, like the law of Gravity, just IS.

There are two world views prevalent today. The first world views says “I believe “it” because its True” This has absolute laws of truth, math and physics.

The second world view is “Its true because I believe it”. This second world view has no objective truth in philosophy or science.

The presupposition of evolution violates the most basic laws of Mathematical numbers theory; the law of probabilities; as well as the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is the law of ever increasing chaos in all systems.

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