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Multiple Witnesses See UFOs Over Lebanon
by Michael Cohen
(Copyright © 2009 Michael Cohen)

Posted: 14:35 September 25, 2009

A large scale UFO sighting has been reported by media outlets in Lebanon. The public was first alerted to this UFO incident by the television show LBCI. The event took place on Sunday evening, 20 September.

Allegedly, around fifty glowing, metallic objects were seen in the night sky by commuters traveling on a motorway that connects the cities of Antelias and Jounieh. Drivers apparently stopped their cars to get a look at the unusual sight.

One staff member of the LBCI television programme, Nadine Abu Fadel, was a witness to the UFO event. She described the UFOs as descending to earth, then disappearing before rising skyward and vanishing. Witnesses described the UFOs as appearing to be about two meters in diameter.

One witness, a Mr Gerard Araj, managed to take photos of the objects (above and below).

Michael Cohen: On reading about this event I immediately thought ‘Chinese lanterns’ however the photos do not appear to depict these. The picture doesn’t seem to show birds either. A squadron of numerous unmanned military craft is also an unlikely scenario.

At this point it can be said these are UFOs: Their true nature has not been satisfactorily identified.

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