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Publisher's Note: Paul Shishis has been photographing UFOs for many years and has shared his photos with UFO Digest readers. In this article originally published in the Paul explains an amazing photograph.

'Morphing' UFO Photographed At Close Range Over Ontario
by Paul Shishis
(Copyright 2009 Paul Shishis)

Posted: 12:25 September 27, 2009

An Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, man witnessed and took photographs September 17, 2009, of a low flying UFO overhead in Scarborough, according to a statement released by Paul Shishis.

The photographed object does not fit standard UFO descriptions of disc and triangle-shaped objects, but appeared to "morph" in shape, according to Shishis.

He said the object was 100 yards away and between 300 and 500 feet in altitude, when it appeared to "open up," and then "looked like a long sheet of some material - that was approximately 10 to 15 feet in length."

Following is the unedited statement Shishis released September 25, 2009 as a letter to "John Bro."

Hi John, I'm in shock once again man. I 'm real busy at work //-home -bummer - considering all that is happening !

Now here we go again! 3 sightings today. I can tell you - something is definately happening around me and yesterday - there were more military-looking helicopters - apparently following me as I drove home .

This morning - I was up earlier than usual - 5:20AM. I made some tea -was half asleep - and at 5:30am, I went outside to my deck . Here's the scary part, John. I thought in my mind-"show me a sign -if you're watching me."

Photo: Witness image was reduced in size for this page. Paul Shishis photo.

Within seconds - above where I was looking - I witnessed- one white flash - then paused for 2-3 seconds, more rapid white flashes. Then paused another 2-3 seconds - and witnessed another single white flash.

I was in shock - I silently made a request - and then it happened, eh?? I watched in amazement - hoping for any other flashes - or signs of running lights.

Later I was at work in Scarborough - and I stepped outside - just before 1:00pm. I looked up - and saw a strange large, black object - heading directly towards me. I then pulled my camera from my pocket and start filming.

Photo: Witness image was reduced in size for this page. Paul Shishis photo.

Immediately, I was able to record the apparently morphing object - as it was approaching from the east. It was only about 100 yards away - at a height of between 300-500 ft. I was hoping for a witness - and then 3 miraculously just showed up!

Then the object appeared to 'open-up' - and it looked like a long sheet of some material - that was approximately 10 to 15 feet in length. I will send all of the photos of this bizarre thing - and you can decide for yourself. I then got into my car and went driving off in the direction that it was traveling; -north / northeast. I proceeded to drive through a maze of industrial streets - and saw nothing.

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