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The Nazi UFO Controversy: Banned In 22 Countries"
"UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapons?"

by Mattern Friedrich

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 15:25 September 2, 2009

The Nazi UFO Controversy: Banned In 22 Countries
The Nazi UFO Controversy: Banned In 22 Countries
When Timothy Green Beckley chose to publish "UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapons?" he realized he was taking a risk of no mean proportions. Beckley even carefully declares on the book's cover that this edition is not endorsed by himself, any known UFOlogists or conspiracy theorists, and most certainly not the Space Brothers.

Why all this care and concern? After all, there has been much written already about the possibility that some UFOs were designed by Nazi scientists working feverishly against the clock as the eventual defeat of Germany in World War II came to be seen as more and more inevitable. Even renowned author and conspiracy theorist Jim Maars talks about the flying saucers on the drawing boards of Nazi weapons designers without so much as ruffling the feathers of everyday UFO believers in his recent book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten To Take Over America."

The difference with Beckley's new offering is that "UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapons?" was written by a genuine, unapologetic Nazi sympathizer named Mattern Friedrich, who also went by the pseudonyms Christof Friedrich and Ernest Zundel. However he was named, one learns in Beckley's cautious introduction that Friedrich originally wrote the book in the 1970s and it was the very first to put forth the idea that some flying saucers were of Nazi design. All other treatments of the subject followed in its wake, although usually with a more morally palatable point of view. Friedrich did time in jail in both Canada and the U.S. for various hate crime violations and at one point stated that pursuing his vision had cost him some years of freedom but the public notoriety that came with it had also given him more free publicity than he could have ever imagined.

The worth of this document some thirty or so years down the line is purely as an historical artifact. In a manner similar to the 1935 Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will," directed by Leni Riefenstahl, it is undeniably a work of true evil. But it is also, in its own specialized context, a museum piece of 20th century UFOlogical theory that may have some merit in purely speculative terms.

For instance, there are few who would dispute the fact that immediately after World War II, both the U.S. and Russia began to gather together former Nazi scientists and put their expertise to work for the purposes of the Allies. It is a generally acknowledged fact that our own space program could not have been the success it was without imported Nazi know-how. The program was called "Operation Paperclip" here in the U.S., and it remains a vital link in the chain in the understanding of present day conspiracy theory. Could there have been a few flying saucer blueprints imported as well?

While Friedrich touches on that aspect of military history, he also writes as a true Nazi. He denies the Holocaust ever happened while claiming that Hitler was a sadly misunderstood humanitarian. He also milks the idea that Hitler didn't die in his bunker in April of 1945 but instead escaped to freedom in Antarctica, where he continued to await the perfecting of flying saucer technology. Everyone from Stalin to Eisenhower is supposed to have entertained the belief that Hitler was still alive, working his evil machinations from some kind of secluded technological wonderland.

One must at least acknowledge the fact that Friedrich is a coherent writer. He tries to buttress his arguments with historical data he has collected over the years, which includes letters from some of the alleged participants and witnesses to the Nazi's flying saucer research, as well as drawings and diagrams he claims came directly from top secret research laboratories. All of which is reprinted here, as well as several newspaper and magazine articles that deal with some UFO sightings relevant to his case here and throughout the world. Plus the book is packed with photos of purported German-made saucers and conceptual artwork.

More than one UFO witness has apparently declared that the aliens they had the privilege of speaking to spoke to them in German or in English with a German accent. It is claimed in another case that the traces left behind by a landed UFO included a swastika embedded into the ground. These instances are admittedly rare and could easily instead be a twisting of the facts designed to support this repellant Nazi theory of UFOs.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: UFOS Nazi Secret Weapon (Book and Audio CD)

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