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What's behind door Number one...The Holy Grail?
by Carolyn Shield

Posted: 12:38 September 7, 2009

I have been examining some wood panels at the Notre Dame de Paris. One panel of interest is The Last Supper.

A wood panel at Notre Dame Cathedral
Permission haa been given by M. Brown to Carolyn Shield to use this photograph.

Above are eleven apostles all seated at the supper table except for the female looking disciple whose is kissing Jesus hand which hangs over the cup/grail? Their hands joined in marriage over the cup. This disciple has no halo? Why not?

If it is John then he would have a halo for he was a favorite of Jesus and a saint.

It is not Peter the one Jesus called "the rock" for he would have a halo.

A wood panel at Notre Dame Cathedral
Closeup of center of above panel.

That there is eleven apostles could mean that Judas has left the room to betray Jesus and the one at the table perhaps is "Our Lady Magdalene." She may not have a halo because Rome had made her the sinful prostitute in the Middle Ages.

It is up to the viewer to decide what is going on in this scene. The artist creates the vision but it is up to the viewer to participate. Is it a man or woman at the table? Is it a Saint or a sinner? Is he or she part of the mysterious Holy Grail?

Did you notice the red door under the golden chalice/Holy Grail? Where does it lead?

The viewer can see below the table cloth what appears is a brick castle notice the openings for the troops to shoot bows and arrows. The door opens to where?

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