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Taking A Look At Brother Philip (aka George Hunt Williamson) - Anthropologist And Self-Styled Archeologist Of The Contactee Movement

Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disc of MU

Edited by Timothy Green Beckley and Brent Raynes
By Brother Philip, with additional material by Joshua Shapiro, John J. Robinson, Charles A. Silva, and Harold T. Wilkins

Review by Sean Casteel

Posted: 18:30 September 18, 2009

Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disc of MU
Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disc of MU
One learns quickly when researching UFOs not to take too seriously predictions made about or by the aliens, as they invariably never come true. But it is the case with some contactees/witnesses that they nevertheless still have moments of near prescience. Such is the case with Brother Philip, the pen name of an associate of George Adamski whose real name is George Hunt Williamson, a contactee whose lecture delivered to a Detroit audience in 1954 is reprinted in its entirety here. Brother Philip discusses such timely topics as ancient astronauts, global warming and other apocalyptic concepts decades before they passed in to the general mainstream. He's years ahead of Al Gore and Erich von Daniken, and credits all his knowledge to alien voices he heard through a friend's shortwave radio equipment. He never takes credit for anything himself, deferring to benevolent space brothers who have grown increasingly concerned about our nukes and hope to guide us safely past self-annihilation, which would also impact negatively on them even in the "safety" of outer space. We can't thank them enough, right? Brother Philip makes reference to his work collecting the legends and myths of the Chippewa Indians and making the obvious connections to saucers and UFO contact with some of the indigenous peoples of this country. He was among the first to connect all those dots and draw us a believable picture of the chariots of the gods in action.

Somehow, genuine facts about our collective future are being transmitted to some of the contactees, who are usually considered totally delusional by serious Ufologists, who quite understandably balk at claims of beautiful blonde Venusians who speak perfect English telepathically. Once freed from those kinds of prejudices, the story Brother Philip tells begins to offer hope for the survival of our planet and our species, who are not expected to go through these perilous future times alone. Someone who cares really is watching over us and guiding us away from our own self-destructive ways, without deigning to force our collective hand at all, but rather from a respectful distance informing us of the obvious dangers. There is none so blind, right?

But Brother Philip's story is not just one of voice contact with aliens. Having renamed himself, he goes on an Indiana Jones-type quest to the Andes Mountains in South America to obtain the Golden Sun Disc of MU. For those unfamiliar with that particular bit of folklore, MU is short for Lemuria, which was essentially a continent very similar to Atlantis, except for the fact that it was located at the point on the globe where the Pacific Ocean is now. In an almost identical way, Lemuria developed technologies still undreamed of today but suffered the same fate of self-destruction, sinking into the Pacific with only diminishing legends to indicate that it was ever there at all. The Sun Disc was thought, like the fabled Ark of the Covenant depicted in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," to possess miraculous powers of healing and enlightenment and was sought after by many a believer in the ancient astronauts school of thought.

It should be made clear that Brother Philip did not suffer unbelievers gladly. On page 89, he writes: "Those who think this is the time for hiding will find that their hiding places will fall upon them. Those who say that there will be no destruction are not aware of, nor can they believe in, the divine prophecies, both through Jesus the Christ and the holy prophets of all time. If they do not believe that there will be war in heaven, then they do not believe in their own Bibles, specifically Chapter Twelve of the Book of Revelation. If they do not believe that there shall come a judgment upon Man and that Jesus the Christ shall come with the holy saints to pronounce this judgment upon the Earth, they do not believe Him! And Jesus Christ has said, 'Thou art with me or against me.'

"These are strong words, but you must believe them. They do not believe the Book of Ezekiel! Or the Book of Isaiah! They do not believe the words of Daniel! They do not believe even Christ when he spoke of the End of the Age. And if they do not believe the Book of Revelation, then they cannot accept the events now taking place. The Great Deceiver, the serpent, is enticing them to laxity, to go into hiding, to give up the fight! Therefore, warn them! Tell them: 'Dear Christian brethren, take stock of yourselves and reread this book that you say you believe in. How can you believe part of it and ignore two thirds of it?'"

Having said all this, why should you want this book? Though the bulk of this book is a restructured edition of Brother Philip's "Brotherhood of the Andes," as is the case with many books re-published by Timothy Green Beckley at Global Communications, exquisite taste has been shown in terms of just WHICH historically significant books to reprint. Beckley has added about 50 pages of updated material that will assist readers in their exploration of the subject.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Secret of the Andes And The Golden Sun Disc of MU

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