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UFO attacks on humans - Tragic consequences documented
by Michael Cohen
(Copyright 2009 Michael Cohen)

Posted: 11:23 September 27, 2009

Few westerners would have heard of the curious case of Mrs Zhu, of Siping City in China. In April, 2007 she was out walking at night with her son’s girlfriend, Ms Hui, after dinner. The two were planning on doing some late-night shopping.  According to the account the two women later gave their shopping plans were thwarted by a UFO in attack mode.

‘I am an elderly lady and have no reason to lie’ noted Mrs Zhu, a high-school teacher.

‘As we were walking a glowing, red, egg-shaped object or UFO appeared in front of us. The object was emitting what appeared to be red lasers. The lasers were shooting out to a distance of 20cm and were about five centimetres in thickness. We tried to move away from the object and suddenly three beams shot out and hit both of us around the collar-bone. The women were about a meter away from the unexplainable object.

A few seconds later the UFO vanished.

hen Mrs Zhu went home she felt some pain around her neck and then noticed a deep scar ten centimetres long in the area the laser struck her. It was as if a sharp instrument had cut her skin in a precise manner.
A number of government scientists who have examined the case insist that Mrs Zhu must have hurt herself prior to allegedly seeing the orb and having forgotten how the injury occurred associated it with the alleged object. It was, however, confirmed that lasers can create the injuries reported.

The women noted that there was a loud noise when the attack occurred and a baffled Mrs Chu comments that ‘I know that I did not injure myself otherwise, it happened then.’

When UFOs attack and injure people this sort of confusion almost always follows.

In India a significant series of events that appear almost identical in many ways to the above account were reported in 2002 by Associated Press.

Numerous villagers in the state of Uttar Pradesh claimed that soccer ball sized, red and blue, glowing spheres were attacking them while lying in bed. The spheres also emitted lasers that pierced their bodies. 7 people died of injuries sustained and numerous others were badly hurt and left with scars.

Police accused the villagers of mass hysteria and hallucination. The villagers in turn accused the police of failing to ‘catch the aliens’ and protect them. The situation became so severe that a 10,000 strong protest and riot occurred in the worst affected area, Mirzapur. One rioter was even killed by police. Village Protection squads were formed and people stopped sleeping outdoors.

Later the attacks were blamed on insects after one villager found a previously unidentified bug in the area. Needless to say, victims are anything but convinced by that explanation.

The area’s district Magistrate at the time, Amrit Amhijat claimed to have filmed one of the UFOs but this footage has never been publically released.

In Brazil, in the mid 1970s, numerous villagers in Brazil’s Amazon district complained of pretty much the exact same thing. Spheres and glowing balls of light were attacking them with lasers causing injury and death.

A top-secret investigation by Brazil’s military, ‘Operation Saucer’ or 'Operacao Prato' in Portuguese, was launched. For years rumours and leaks of this investigation were met with outright denial by the authorities. One person who spilled the beans on the operation was its head, Colonel Uyrange Hollanda

Colonel Hollanda gave fairly detailed information to prominent local UFO researchers ,including A.J Gevaerd, on the over 2000 witnesses interviewed, the numerous photos, and actual UFO events witnessed by investigating army personnel. In one such event divulged, a number of military personnel, witness no less than a humanoid alien being beamed down from a cylindrical extraterrestrial craft to simply stare at them.

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