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UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Prophecies
The Controversy of Billy Meier
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

One of the loudest debunkers was a professional model maker Jeff Ritzmann who attempted to recreate the famous Wedding Cake photos. After months of labor, Mr. Ritzmann had his models complete. Mr. Horn compared Mr. Meier's actual photos side-by-side with Mr. Rizmann's photos and let the audience compare.

From my vantage point Mr. Ritzmann's model was very similar to Mr. Meier's. Similar but not exact. In fact, much of the detail seen in Meier's photos was missing in Mr. Ritzmann's model. This was simply a model, a static representation of a craft seen in a photo. Mr. Ritzmann, although he had promised to do so, did not attempt to fly his model or place it in photographs or film. This attempt to duplicate Billy Meier's photos and films took place in 2005!

Remember, Meier's material was shot 30 years ago.

Mr. Horn then offered evidence to the audience of Mr. Meier's films. By going to Switzerland and finding the exact locales where the films/photos were shot and by measuring distances from landmarks, the positions of trees etc. one can prove that the photographs, indeed the objects in the photographs are authentic.

There is a raging debate between advocates and debunkers concerning Mr. Meier's evidence so at this point I will leave it up to the reader to do the research before reaching their own decision.

As the title of the article states there is also a prophetic element to Mr. Meier and his Pleiadians visitors whom he describes as: Sfath, a man from the Pleiadian star cluster, Ptaah, a man, the commander of the Pleiadian spaceship fleet, Asket, a beautiful woman from the DAL Universe, Semjase, also a woman, from the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

The last mentioned visitor Semjase asked Meier to accept and spread their message to the inhabitants of earth. Their message begins:

"Above everything there exists one entity, Creation, it holds the power over every being's life and death. Creation alone extends its laws over everything…"

She also conveyed to Meier:

"Man must study Creation's spiritual laws, and not pray to gods who are nothing more than extraterrestrial visitors from bygone days, who had elevated themselves to the position of so-called gods to gain power over these primitive human beings on Earth and to enslave them.

Such an obstacles prevents Man from studying the Creational laws and striving for a life of harmony with nature. Man's ambition to subject Earth will ultimately destroy this planet." ---(Source: 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier - His Contacts With Extraterrestrials, His Photos, Films, Metal Samples and so Forth. Copyright 1996 by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, page 13.)

Over the years, Meier has received numerous prophecies from the Pleiadians, which he has recorded, and in some instances shared with others to be kept confidential until the specific predictions came to pass. I will list a few of the more amazing and leave it to you to believe or disbelieve.

Prophecy Date: February 28, 1987

Prediction: warning of the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) by terrorism, the series of worldwide wars that the US would subsequently launch, and military actions involving Russia, China, France, Germany, Spain, England, Scandinavia and many Third World and other countries.

Event: September 11, 2001, the WTC was destroyed; the United States has already attacked Afghanistan and Iraq as of the time of this writing.Prophecy Date: October 19, 1978

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