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Three Lights Witnessed near Newcastle England

by Sam Willey Posted October 25, 2006

Three Lights Witnessed near Newcastle England - 1974

My Dad along was at work having lunch with a fellow colleague and happened to bring up the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects because of the research I have been doing. The colleague who is 64 years of age revealed an extremely interesting account of a UFO sighting he had in 1974.

The man was travelling from Newcastle, England to Leeds at 11pm at night the roads were very dark as there was not much light pollution back then (street lights). He was at North Allerton when he first sighted the UFO’s he looked up at the sky and noticed three flashing lights at first he just dismissed the lights as a helicopter or some kind of aircraft and continued to concentrate on the road ahead. That was until he was near Scotch Corner when he saw the lights for a second time still with the same flashing effect as before, he told me Dad that he began to get worried at this point and started to feel that he was looking at something that was not normal. He managed to put the objects out of his head and continued to concentrate on driving.

The man had just passed scotch corner when he noticed something extremely weird behind a line of trees next to the road. He could see the flashing lights behind the trees the lights lit up the trees next to the road. Then the three lights began to rise until they were above the tree tops and before the man could even think about what he was looking at them “whooshed off” at an “incredible speed” the man explained that he could not follow the lights because they moved so quickly.

After he told me Dad this he also said that he felt the objects were following him in some manner and made him feel very uneasy. As he travelled down the road after seeing the objects for a final time he noticed a policeman parked next to the road. He said he was pressed to tell him but did not as he was afraid of the reaction he may have got from the officer. He then continued to tell my dad that there were no other cars on the road at the time of the incident because of course cars were not as popular back in the 70’s and also not many were out travelling at 11pm at night. He told me dad that he is certain that the objects were not technology that the military have even though RAF Leeming is very close to were he saw the UFOs.

Thanks to the witness for this report (name withheld).

If you have seen a UFO anywhere in the UK please email me -

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