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Barbara YoungDr. Barbara Young has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures since childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. After achieving her higher degrees, she set about in 1977 on a twenty year walk-a-about to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. In her twenty years on the road, she has appeared on many radio and television interviews, a guest speaker at Universities, and general public lectures. Visit Dr. Young's website: or email her at

The Great Mystery that Surrounds
the Da Vinci Code: Part II

by Dr. Barbara Young

Posted: 13:00 October 11, 2007

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The Great Mystery that Surrounds the Da Vinci Code - Part IIPp. 35 Pentacle: A symbol that represents evolution of the Divine Feminine Chryseis Attributes.

Pp. 45 Vitruvian Man: A symbol for the Divine Masculine Evolution of All Knowing through Knowledge and Intellectualism resulting in action within the Great Cycle of Life (Circle).

The four arms represent self-expression and growth from reasoned action derived from material life, lower arms, and Divine Life, the upper arms.

The four legs represent activities that advance the spirit in both material life and Divine Life.

Pp.114 Fleurs-de-lis: Symbolic of the White Lilly that represents completion of the Salvation Program, or the Purified Christed Spiritual Body of Memory. Celestialization follows that end the need for symbiosis with the physical form--thus the association of death and the White Lilly.

Pp.128 Keystone: The word "keystone" symbolizes the Core-Self lodged within the Spirit‘s (Stone) Heart (Key). The Core-Self that is the original Divine Sparak that Acts as a Central Processing Unit that integrates all incoming data into its Sprit's body of memory for growth.

Arched Gateways, doors, and windows symbolize Divine Life Reality. Therefore, the keystone was placed at the top of an arch to hold the stones on both sides in place. On each side of the keystone, there are usually six stones - six Apostles on each side of Christ, the Keystone to Divine Life.

Pp.157 Priory of Sion: The word Priory was assigned to a monastery known for Teaching Divine Life. Sons and Daughters of God sought out a Priory knowing it to be a place where they could be Awakened into their Divine Life Program. A Holy Prior or Prioress had achieved a Divine State of Advancement aligned with the Heaven Stage. As a Son or Daughter of God, they Acted as the Hands of God in Service as a Teacher and Healer of the Spirit.

In another sense, Priory was also used to symbolize the Act of Guided Visualization into the Kingdom of the Lord.

"Of Sion" secretly identified Divine Life, as translated through the use of the Sacred Alphabet.

(S) Through the act of reincarnation,
(I) The focus to evolve as One with God,
(O) Accomplished by evolving through the Great Cycle of Life,
(N) For eventual Collectivization into a Being of Pure Light that no longer requires rebirth.

Pp.157 Sign of the Rose: A symbol of Divine Love. During a Visual Awareness into the Living Objective Presence of the Holy Spirits, the Chrysalis Daughter or Christ Son, a Red Rose is offered as a Token of Love. Upon holding the Rose, Divine Love Emotion is transfigured into the Spiritual-Soul.

Under the scrutiny of the Inquisitionist's, the Rose became a symbol used as a sign that the establishment was a safe haven for Sons and Daughters of God.

A rose was used to identify one Knights Templar to another, or a Son or Daughter of God to another.

The Rose was used as a symbol for the 'la Fleur Des Secrets', where a Rose painted on a placard and hung outside represented that the events within were secret.

The Roman Christians as a carry-over from Roman political times used the Rose, as a symbol of secrecy.

Pp.160 Sangreal: A symbol that represents the Blood of Christ associated with the Holy Grail. The word is formed out of a combination of the French word for blood--‘sang’ and the Spanish word for blood--"sangre"—thus conjoined, Sangreal is the Sacred Symbol for Divine Life.

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