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How to Manifest The Perfect Relationship
by Maya Madkour

17:40 October 24, 2007

How to Manifest The Perfect RelationshipEvery human being on the face of the earth seeks to manifest the perfect relationship regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or background. It is an innate quality that wishes to make itself seen, heard, and felt. Growing up in Egypt, and being familiar with the culture in the Arab world, the pressure to manifest the perfect relationship is a palpable societal pressure. There is always that invisible hand pushing you in a new direction in a futile effort to be accepted in a society with unending requirements.

The most striking aspect of it all is that we do not realize that that perfect relationship is a lot closer than we really think; all it takes is a paradigm shift that may take seconds to happen. We, as mortals, do not realize exactly how powerful we are. We possess so much energy, vibrations, thought patterns, and determination that can motivate millions if we so choose. Again, all it takes is the realization that such a feat is possible.

Let me break it down for you. Since we are present here on Planet Earth in physical form, this must mean that we are alive. Hence, we can think, act, perceive, and comprehend and so on. Our mind is what makes us realize that we are alive as Rene Descartes discovered centuries ago in his famous quote, “I think, therefore I am.” The mind automatically produces what is known as thoughts. These thoughts may come to us from outside forces, from within, or from our subconscious mind which is shaped by our childhood, upbringing, interactions and our past. Interestingly enough, if our brain is accustomed to thinking a certain way, the neurons that fire in that specific sequence are likely to do so repeatedly since a pathway has been created. In other words, if an individual is used to thinking in negative terms, in terms of lack, want, and sadness, chances are they will continue to do so for a very long time. On the flip side, people who are bright and optimistic in nature will also retain that habit.

Now, not surprisingly, most of you are thinking that there is no hope and that they are stuck in their vicious cycles of negativity, but thankfully there is a way out of that cycle into a world of light and happiness. Very simply, it begins by ending those old patterns and erecting new ones in their place. When the wrong scenario pops up in your mind, replace it with one that gives you a great sense of joy. Do not let yourself go back to your old ways by creating new ones. If we fully grasp the notion that our thoughts are the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, we will come to realize that we cannot afford to think negative thoughts. A quick exercise demonstrating this critical point is to try thinking two thoughts: one negative and another positive. Take the time to notice how you feel in both scenarios. Take note of your posture while you are thinking happy thoughts and your posture while you are thinking negative thoughts. Notice how you feel! It does make a world of difference.

Understanding how powerful this really is will happen as you experience a difference in your life depending on how you think. Recent advancements in the field of Quantum Physics have demonstrated that everything is made of energy. Everything you can fathom is quite literally composed of energy. Subatomic particles have been broken down to reveal the atom. The mind-boggling discovery that inaugurated this new age would have to be quanta; the components of atoms. Oddly enough, these quarks, another component of atoms, are worlds apart and are vibrating at insane speeds. This translates into the mind-blowing truth that we are really bodies of energy vibrating at very high speeds. As logic dictates, since we are energy, then our thoughts should be energy as well. Now, as innumerable experiments have been conducted on the topic, our thoughts have indeed been measured using technical machinery. It turns out, as mentioned in “The Secret”, that our thoughts have a measurable frequency that depends on the level of detail, emotion and effort put into the thought.

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