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Regarding So-called "Alien Abductions"
by Michael Horn

01:37 October 5, 2007

Regarding So-called'Alien Abductions'
Michael Horn
I have been invited to write an article addressing the so-called "alien abduction" phenomenon, which is widely discussed to in certain circles. After I had written the article below, I heard from Elaine Douglas, the editor at JAR (Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research), asking me to provide a fuller, more "detailed" article.

My response was that, first, I needed to see actual evidence to support the claims that this phenomenon is proven to be extraterrestrial in nature and origin, as opposed to either done by (known or unknown) terrestrial parties, or that it is largely a form of mass hysteria, or a combination of both.

I waited an extraordinary amount of time without receiving any such evidence. This is all the more remarkable considering how promptly I received a critique from Ms. Douglas pointing out perceived weaknesses in my own research, references to the evidence, etc.

Absent such verifiable evidence, if it even actually exists, the claims that the perpetrators are "aliens" cannot be supported and, at best, they must be considered as anecdotal. With that in mind, I direct you to my article below, which is pretty much as I originally submitted it. I should add that Ms. Douglas had viewed my providing links to specific articles and information that I reference as some sort of avoidance and/or shifting of responsibility to the reader for work that I should have done.

In light of the rather significant failure of Ms. Douglas and PAR to provide me with the material that I requested, I neither need to provide any further information nor to spend any more time and energy in attempting to provoke people to do their own thinking.

Please note that I do not claim that the people who feel that they have suffered harm have not suffered it. I simply question the theory or premise that it originates with extraterrestrial beings.

Michael Horn

I think that it's very necessary for people to think through the "alien (ET) abduction" hypothesis and to ask themselves a number of fundamental questions. In attempting to answer those questions, and in considering whether the evidence shows that the abductions are extraterrestrial or terrestrial in origin, they should rely as much as possible on both logic and common sense.

In order for a race to travel in space it most probably has to have certain characteristics, in addition to highly advanced technology. The race would have to have a significantly longer life span than we currently enjoy because even the early stages of space travel, which we have not yet truly entered, i.e. distant interplanetary (let alone interstellar) travel, require a lot of time. These early forays into outer space will most likely still not have the most advanced and fastest of space craft available, a development that will surely take a good deal more time to accomplish, as will be true for us as well in our development of true space travel.

With this in mind, life spans of several hundred years at least would most likely be required. In addition, people coming from a distant planet may also be expected to have resolved the divisions among themselves on their own world and view themselves as one people, i.e. "Planet XYZers", as opposed to various competitive, warring factions, even if they have different races as we do. The reasoning is that it would not be likely that beings still dwelling in much hostility among themselves on their world would be successful in focusing their abilities on such travel since worries of fending off attacks and interference from members of their own race(s) would drain their energy and resources. So we can assume a certain unification among the space-traveling people that we are still very far from achieving and maintaining.

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