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Jesus and the Behehn
by Marc Fiszman

Posted: 19:20 October 8, 2008

Jesus: guided by aliens
Jesus: guided by aliens
Extraterrestial specialist Marc Fiszman introduces the "sacred army" of alien-guided humans tasked with saving our species from self-destruction.

It is no great secret that the Jesus entity had extraterrestrial connections. Rather less well known is that he was the first participant in an alien-powered programme of cerebral microchip implants which continues today and promises to radically alter the fundamental nature of the human being.

The usual New Age Christ story involves a far-future alien replacing the original, human Jesus at the age of 13, advancing the host well beyond its original capacities in an effort to repair the Martians' (sometimes Vesuvians') defacement of Earth's Consciousness Grid.

As with much New Age nonsense these days, there is a grain of truth here obscured by a woefully degraded understanding of the operation of universal spiritual law. Not only is it illegal, but it is actually impossible for one life form to fully and permanently assume another's shell, even with the original party's consent. Temporary exchanges of this nature are very common, both with and without the host's approval; but a wholesale invasion of the kind which would have been required by the Jesus entity simply couldn't have happened!

It is true that Jesus was strongly influenced by aliens, and he certainly couldn't have achieved what he did without their support; but he always remained inside himself, completely in control. Let me explain what actually happened.

There is an advanced race of alien beings called the Mekeer. While they stand as consciously multidimensional beings, largely operating at levels beyond the confines of space and time, they could be said to exist tens of thousands of years in our future, and several billion miles from this Earth. In an evolutionary sense, they have extremely close genetic and spiritual ties with humans, and could be said to represent what we will one day become (though at several points along the idealised way, the paths of our species diverge quite wildly).

For thousands of years, the Mekeer have served as the primary protectors of humans and Earth. Without their overview, this planet and its inhabitants would have disappeared a long time ago, a result of humans' perverted, money-fuelled motivations and innumerable physical and metaphysical assaults by forces which would give the typical person a heart attack if they had any idea they existed.

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