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UFOs and Nukes:
Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites

An Excerpt From the Book
By Robert L. Hastings

( Copyright 2008, Robert L. Hastings - All Rights Reserved)

R. Bobo: "I think I was the first to report the sighting that night. I was on the tower at Bentwaters; you get a good view from up there. There were several lights and there was this huge ship over the forest."

G. Bruni: "Can you describe the object?"

R. Bobo: 'I'd say it looked circular but, remember, I was over at Bentwaters and this was happening over at Woodbridge. I was instructed to watch it and can tell you that it was up there for about five hours, just hovering. I would say it was quite low in the sky."

G. Bruni: "Were you alone in the tower?"

R. Bobo: "Someone came to the tower and watched it through a scope. I don't know who he was, he was from a different department. I wasn't told anything and I didn't get to look through the scope."

G. Bruni: "Could you hear the radio transmissions from your location in the Bentwaters tower?"

R. Bobo: "I heard some of the radio transmissions, not all of them, you understand, because there were different frequencies. I heard over the radio that London had spotted something on their radar. I heard some of the radio transmissions from some of the men who were out there. They were reporting a light going through the woods, it had bumped into a tree and they were getting radioactive readings from the area. They were discussing three impressions and stuff moving through the woods toward Woodbridge. They kept switching to different frequencies so I couldn't hear everything. I know there was a colonel with them."

REF: Bruni, Georgina. 'You Can't Tell the People.' Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 2000, pp. 243-44.

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