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The Human Condition - Part One - The origin and early history of humans
by Carlosox

Posted: 14:30 October 1, 2008

Akashic Records

In this article, I would like to explore two aspects of the human condition on planet earth. The first part will examine the origin and early history of humans on earth, which is sourced mainly through the Akashic Records. The second part will focus on the composition - both physical and causal, of the human body. The second part will draw heavily from the finding of Hindu saints (rishis), who lived thousands of years ago. In one of my previous articles, I discussed how these saints received this information directly through the power of intuition, which was honed by them to a fine edge through years of intense meditation. Western science is still quite ignorant of these findings, and it will probably take science several hundred years from now to even start understanding these truths.

The Akashic Record is a sort of electromagnetic recording system in the ether, that has recorded everything that ever happened on earth, is recording all that is happening now, and predicts that will happen in the future. For readers who do not already know what the Akashic Record is, can find a plethora of articles on this subject on the internet. It is only a highly spiritual person (from any religion), who is allowed access to these records. These noble souls are allowed to view these records in a form of multimedia format. It is pertinent that only advanced humans are allowed access to these records, as it is they who are capable of passively witnessing these events without getting emotionally involved with them. It happens sometimes, that some unspiritual persons manage to stumble upon these records - but the messages they receive is mostly garbled and incoherent. Events that will occur in the future can be modified positively by individuals and even nations, who strive to lead unrighteous lives.

As different rishis appear to give slightly different versions of how man came upon earth, it can be construed that this was indeed a complex process, which probably occurred in waves, and on several occasions had to go back to the drawing board to start anew. What is given below tries to steer a central path between all these findings.

When earth had cooled sufficiently enough to accept inhabitants, several races from far away (many light years away) planets decided to move here. It seems that the earliest races came here in the spirit form, and had to imbibe the vapors of planet earth to enable to become physical forms. This was a herculean task, and took a long time to achieve. Earth already had plants and animals when these beings arrived. Time wise, this must have all occurred several hundreds of million years ago.

The earliest inhabitants did not reproduce sexually, but did so through mental fiat. They did not possess any sexual organs originally, but evolved it later as they took a keen interest of the mating activities of the animals around them. This is indeed a mysterious occurrence. Some rishis inform us that beings developed eyes because there was light, and in the future, humans will develop projections on their heads to capture electromagnetic waves! Some of the first inhabitants of earth were quite spiritually advanced, but had to come to earth as they needed a 'hot 'planet to complete their evolution and attain emancipation. Many of them achieved this by staying aloof of the happenings of the animals around them, and by concentrating on their spiritual practices. Unfortunately, some of these early humans got eaten by these animals, and it appears that their souls got inextricably bound with the animal souls. It was at that time that the practice of animal sacrifices was initiated in order to free entrapped souls. The writer finds this a little difficult to believe, though it may very well have an element of truth.

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