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The Human Condition - Part One Explained
by Carlosox

Posted: 12:17 October 6, 2008

Akashic Records

I was surprised by the scathing critique leveled against my article, The Human Condition, Part One, from Stephen Yulish. Not only did he roundly criticize my article, but wondered how Dirk would allow such an article as mine to be published on his site. It is therefore only fitting that I defend my article against his ill conceived critique.

Throughout his critique, Stephen wants substation of the works of the Rishis or how they obtained their information in the first place. I could by the same token, ask him why, for example, he believes what is written in the Book of Genesis as true. He would probably reply that they are true because the Bible is the only true book of God. I would like to inform him that scholars are now discovering that the earliest bibles were quite different from the one we find at present - which was ' cooked up ' by the clergy of the Middle Ages to suit their selfish purposes.

The Rishis have always maintained that the Vedas contain all the eternal truths. Like Stephen, I mocked at this declaration, until of late, it was proven in more ways than one that the Vedas are indeed the repository of all truth. I will go into this in detail later in this article.

Be Sure To Read Stephen Yulish's Critique!

Stephen goes on to say that the Hindu Masters cannot amount to much, as the Nazis obtained their erroneous beliefs from Hinduism. He proves this 'fact' by the Nazis use of the holy Hindu symbol of the swastika. This weird sort of thinking by Stephen pervades his critique of my article. Now let's suppose that a present day evil minded group used the three pointed star of Mercedes Benz as its symbol. Is the company Mercedes Benz then responsible for murder and mayhem caused by this group? For Stephen's information, the Indians (except those that ape the West) have never believed that there ever was an Aryan invasion of India. This is a Western concoction, which they believed was the cause of the fall of the Indus civilization. It has since been established, that the most likely cause of the fall of the Indus civilization was due to crop failure due to a change in the climate. In my research into the Australian Aborigines, I was stunned to discover many Sanskrit root words in the languages of many of the tribes. There were far too many of these to be attributed to chance. So how did these Sanskrit words find their way into these Aboriginal languages? You must remember that anthropologists have stated that the Aborigines had been living in Australia for the past 50,000 years!

Stephen claims that Hindus admire Hitler, and regard the latter as an avatar. Where he obtained this information is a mystery. It is true however that in every race, there are people who are attached to evil and admire people who are evil. Perhaps one of these evil minded Indians had written something that praised the Nazi dictator. Christian scholars with the same mentality of Stephen will have then pounced on this article to discredit Hinduism. Would it be fair for me to criticize Christianity basing on the behavior of some pedophile clergyman?

Stephen must understand that none of the information which I mentioned in my article is my own. They have been gleaned from the writings of Hindu saints past and present (there are saints in other religions too you know, who performed all the miracles that Christ performed - including raising the dead). Thus when they mention that the very first humans reproduced without the use of sex, then it must be true. Several Hindu works state that in planets more spiritually advanced than ours, reproduction is achieved only through mental means, i.e. a couple who want a child dwell intently about this thought for a while, and a child then materializes from the ether. I have mentioned this in my article when I said that reproduction was by 'mental fiat' in the early days. Stephen either did not understand what I meant, or disbelieved it because it was not found in the Bible. His suggestion that they must have reproduced by mitosis if not by sexual means shows that he is not open to new ideas and disbelieves anything that he cannot find in the Bible. These events must have occurred long before the advent of the proverbial Adam and Eve.

The concept of the development of eyes in organisms is again completely misunderstood by our narrow-minded friend. Hinduism believes in the Darwinian concept of evolution, but states emphatically that man was not a result of this sort of evolution. Hinduism claims that mankind was a special creation of God. So, when tiny marine creatures evolved into bigger organisms and finally into creatures which had eyes, the development of the eyes was a result of the stimulus of light. I mentioned in my earlier article, that there is a tremendous chance in the physical structure of the earth at the end of every yuga or cycle. The Australian Aborigines belong to the current cycle, and cannot be equated with the time that organisms first developed eyes. Man had still not been created when eyes first appeared in creatures. Similarly, it was not the Aborigines that God warned not to have sex, but the initial humans that inhabited the earth which was probably several million yugas ago.

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