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The Human Condition - Part Two -
The Human Body

by Carlosox

Posted: 20:46 October 26, 2008

Akashic Records

In this part, I will elaborate on the human body. I will not deal with human anatomy or physiology, as information about these subjects can be readily obtained from medical textbooks or from the internet. I will however concentrate more on the spiritual make up of the body, with occasional reference to anatomy and physiology as I see fit.

The information for this part is sourced mainly from the Sankya philosophy of Hinduism. There are in all, six philosophies in Hinduism - all of which draw their material from the bottomless well of the Vedas (ultimate knowledge), of Hinduism. Though only four of the Vedas have been written down, there are in fact many more that exist only in the oral form in India. Each of the six philosophies sees the eternal truth from a slightly different perspective. The Sankya philosophy is most suited for our purposes here, as it divides existence into the Purusha (Spirit) and the Prakrithi (matter/nature). Both of these can be further subdivided into several parts, each with its peculiar attributes, which taken as a whole, makes up the world we live in.

The Sankya philosophy starts right from the beginning, describing how there are two opposing forces (light and dark or attraction and repulsion) which caused everything to be created. The interaction between these two forces produced a vibration which manifested as a peculiar sound. This sound is termed 'Aum' or 'Om' in Hinduism. This sound is called the Word (Amen) in the Bible, and Amin in the Koran. This sound had three aspects, namely that of Time, Space and Atom, and together with these three aspects, these four ideas (viz. the Word, Time, Space and the Atom) are the building blocks from which everything in the universe is created. The Sankya philosophy then goes on in great detail as to how the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) was created, and also on how the mind and intelligence came about. It also deals in other principalities such as the makeup of the ego, how the organs are formed from subtle ideas, the Five Root Causes, the Three Attributes etc. Many phrases mentioned in passing in the Bible, like the ' four beasts, ' the 'twenty four elders', ' the son of man,' ' the son of God.' The 'seven churches' etc. are explained in great detail in the Sankya philosophy. Readers who are interested in these topics can find them in a book of the Sankya philosophy, preferably with commentary by a Self Realized saint. I had originally detailed all of these for this article, but found that it ran into several pages even before it touched on the makeup of the human body. Further, it was so full of Sanskrit terms, that I figured that the reader would be bored reading all of these. I will therefore go straight to the three components of the human body and take it from there, and if necessary, track back to explain certain key concepts in greater detail.

Now according to the Sankya philosophy, the human body is actually made up of three components or three other bodies. These three bodies then are the physical body (the one that we are most aware of), the astral body and the causal (or ideational body). These three bodies did not generate as if by magic, but developed through the descent of the Spirit into the body, reflecting the ideas ever present in the cosmos. Thus man, being the microcosm of the universe, reflects in his body the whole workings of the universe.

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