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Planet X and Its Effects on Earth
by Al Kay

Posted: 16:00 October 28, 2008

Planet X
"Planet X".

Does Planet X (PX) exist? Yes, according to Zechariah Sitchin in his book - The 12th Planet (The Earth Chronicles, Book 1). Immanuel Velikovsky, in his books -- Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval -- documents the catastrophic effects of PX when it last visited Earth approximately 3600 years ago; although Velikovsky does not specify PX is the cause of the devastating earth changes.

An article in the December, 1983 issue of the Washington Post stated NASA confirmed the entrance of PX into our solar system as identified by infrared satellite.

Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk affirms the presence of PX in the solar system. According to Lieder, the primary cause of climate change is the approach of PX, which entered our solar system in 1983 and came close to Earth in 2003 on its way towards the sun. She claims PX is presently approaching Earth on a retrograde course (traveling clockwise opposite the counterclockwise orbits of the planets around the sun).

The Kolbrin Bible explores the impact of PX also known as Nibiru.

The Christian Bible refers to PX (wormwood) in Revelation as well as in the prophecy of Daniel, Issaiah, Enoch, and Jesus.

The mainstream media debunks or censors information about the presence of PX and its imminent return, as is the case with the entire field of ufology.

PX makes a periodic passage by Earth approximately every 3600 years. The Earth is presently effected by the powerful magnetic field of Nibiru. PX is as large as Jupiter; its electromagnetism is impacting the entire solar system. This will be more evident in the near future with an increase in severe global weather patterns, shifting land masses, increased volcanic acitivity, earthquakes, and celestial anomalies. PX will be visible in the sky with the naked eye next year (2009) in the Southern Hemisphere (Chile, Australia). It will be visible worldwide before 2012.

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