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The Clash of Disclosure Worldviews
by Glenn Gould

Posted: 12:25 October 3, 2008

Invasion earth or peaceful explorers
Invasion earth or peaceful explorers?

One problematic issue regarding the abandonment of secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial influence on our planet is the post-disclosure worldview. While that subject is on the minds of those who keep secrets secret, it seems to have evaded, for the most part, the thoughts of the more militant members of the groups that demand full disclosure at any price. The post-disclosure world, as seen through the eyes of our governments, is one of unimaginable horror wherein their historic hold on human civilization has ended. Those who insist on full disclosure seem to disregard the ramifications of a world after disclosure, and what that world will mean to them personally. This condition prohibits meaningful dialog between the two viewpoints, thus preventing any consensus on the subject.

Though the younger generation may disagree, full disclosure of persistent extraterrestrial interaction with earth is not going to be at all comparable to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates introducing some great new invention or innovation. Some will applaud and cheer, no doubt, but many more will not. Regardless of the method – be it CNN with bold new graphics, or some commandeering of communications by the visitors or their partners – these events will be traumatic for all humans. Panic and joy, blank stares and happy faces, and sanctuaries filled with penitent believers will sweep the planet. Full disclosure will be difficult on humanity, due not only to its iconoclast nature, but due mainly to the inevitable collateral cultural damage.

While a massive technological bestowal will positively affect energy and the environment, as well as the human condition in general, that change will also reach into every individual´s life on a personal level. Each "revolution" has been the result of the change of the predominate worldview of the people of earth, from the mercantile and scientific revolutions through the industrial and the technological, or computer revolutions. The revolution that will follow full disclosure will dwarf all previous epochs. It will be "the end of the world as we know it".

Our governments are chronically aware of this potentially catastrophic shift in our understanding and have consistently acted to prevent it. The power elite have long envisioned this future and want no part of it. The average person, bathed in the media controlled debunking of everything, will not be able to digest it. The typical Disclosure Activist seems to have overlooked what the inevitable change will mean to them on a personal level. Disclosure will be anything but business as usual for planet earth.

The release of this information depends on at least two factors of great significance. First, human races need to come to a mutually shared vision of a future unlike any we have seen in recorded history. This worldview transcends nations, cultures and politics. It is a worldview of cosmic proportions. To obtain to our place in the galactic neighborhood requires us to first lay aside our petty selfishness and base desires. Our historic behavior prohibits our inclusion. Secondly, but of primary import, we will have to forgive, unreservedly, those who have, by acts of omission and commission, kept the veil of secrecy in place regarding extraterrestrial intervention and association these last three generations. An amnesty for this behavior will be required before significant information is released on any official level. These seemingly impossible prerequisites must be dealt with prior to full disclosure.

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