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David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman is a native of Northwest Georgia and spends free time as a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He also reviews UFO related books upon request. Some titles include " The Thinking Persons' UFO Book " written by author Gordon Chism and " The UFO Experience Reconsidered; Science and Speculation " written by Robert L. Mason. He devotes much time on the subject of UFOs and the possibilities of alien beings or spiritual entities possibly already among us. His writings have been featured in the "Journal for Frontier Science", "UFO Digest", " The MUFON Journal", and in the book "The Art of a Close Encounter" by Kim Carlsberg. His interest in the UFO phenomenon was fueled by two incredible sightings witnessed as a child which have never been forgotten. He is an active member of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and is founder of UFO Research of North America (UFORNA). He can be contacted via email at

An Alien Reasoning
by David P Kuhlman

UFO Researcher/ Book Reviewer/ Writer

Posted: 14:27 October 13, 2009

It really strikes me odd, yes really odd, when ordinary people of whom most are of fair intelligence scoff at the notion of other intelligent life existing somewhere beyond what we call home and the possibilities that these other life forms have already made numerous visits to our planet. What are the reasons behind such extreme denials? I have commented many times that I feel fear is the culprit to the actions in most instances, but perhaps there are other reasons as well. It is difficult to put an 'exact' on such practices of denial however we are able to postulate a few reasons for such a practice if we are able to first understand the psyche behind each individuals reasoning.

When it comes to the phenomenon of aliens and UFOs we usually always end up at a dead end when we try to discuss this area intelligently with others. A 'wall of denial' has been built around much of the population that acts to shield each and every individual it seems from having to face or discuss the possibilities of other life outside the confines of our living space on planet Earth. I feel that the ordinary person is not responsible alone for the construction of such walls of denial and disbelief, but that other factors have had a huge hand and influence in their construction as well. Still the fact remains however; we have allowed such action to take precedence over our natural way of discerning and evaluation of the world in which we live. This in many ways handicaps humanity as a whole. It lessens our abilities to find answers as well as our ability to understand reasonably what we must face in the future in order to prepare for it with the proper resolve and fortitude.

The governments under which we all live are very much responsible for keeping each and every one of us 'in the dark' about situations and new discoveries that take place around us. It has happened for years. They tend to shield us from things that they feel are 'unimportant' or 'harmful' aspects of life that we do not need to be exposed to. Is this a wise policy? Many times important discoveries are made in the name of science that are never disclosed to us at all, things we should have the right to know. We do have the right to know about the world in which we live, don't we?

The government usually can defend their actions by simply telling us that releasing such data would compromise the situation or information at hand, therefore seriously compromising the strength of the nation as a whole. This surely isn't the truth in most cases? However, we buy this explanation usually with little fight or inquiry. Not a good practice, I must say. What will change our actions regarding obtaining such information in the future? Not everything compromises a nations stability. In fact the compromise actually is the fact we are being lied to about many situations all over the world. The phenomenon regarding aliens and UFOs is just one in the sea of hidden information. We though, have taken this shallow response from governments so long that it is common practice. It is one of, if not the largest reasons why we are stuck in the dark on the UFO issues facing us today. It is nearly impossible to separate truth from fiction simply because we have had little or no truth relayed to us over the years. People are actually afraid to 'push' for answers, especially when threats are being made from higher officials to keep quiet. It has happened numerous times regarding inquiries about the origin of UFOs, it will continue to happen because we have let it work in silencing a nation for years.

Governments have laid the structure blocks for the misinformation wall regarding UFOs and it is built on daily by other forms of deceit and denial that we all devour like starving animals before we take a good look at the hands who has prepared it.

Religion has many facets. It is a common practice all over the world although there are many different forms and beliefs. Religion is a topic that is hard to keep suppressed when the topic at hand is 'creation' and 'human origin'. They mix like oil and water. I have spent hours talking to people in the UFO research community about origin of man in relation to cosmic principles. It seems this is the basis for scientific study of the origin of mankind, however the subject takes new direction not long until the topic at hand becomes a religious struggle between many who have different opinions as to where the true origin of man lies. Religion and celestial phenomenon do not mix at a discussion level of inquiry, period.


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