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Encounter With An Angel?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 12:50 October 30, 2009

Earlier this year I wrote an article on a possible encounter with an angel while hitch-hiking out of Osoyoos, B.C. during Halloween 1990. It reminded me of another encounter I had just before Easter 1992.

I was hitch-hiking frm Whitehorse, Yukon to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had stopped in Grande Prairie, Alberta for several days before resuming my journey. Just after midnight I was 20 miles east of Edmonton, Alberta and decided to set up camp for the night. It was fifty degrees Fahrenheit, warm enough to sleep outdoors for a few hours. I got a big surprise about 4 hours later.

I was woken up about 5 a.m. by a tickling sensation on my nose. It was snow falling thickly, the temperature had dropped several degrees and the wind had picked up. It was the beginning of a cold front bringing in a spring blizzard.

I threw my gear together and got to the side of the highway in the hope of there being an early morning traveller heading east. Close to a hour went by without a vehicle passing me. With the high wind dropping the temperature even lower I reckoned I wasn't going to last much longer. In fact I had a gut feeling I was within a half hour of freezing to death. I wasn't able to think coherently but I remember thinking of my parents and close friends. Plus I tried to pray that if it was time to die then let it be. If not could God provide a way out for me.

It couldn't have been much longer when a vehicle did pass and stopped. He said he was surprised to see someone out there. I was thankful he as a Good Samaritan and picked me up. He took me halfway to Llyoldminister and I thanked him many times over for picking me up, especially under the circumstances. Two short waits and two rides later got me to Saskatoon in mid afternoon just ahead of the snow storm.

This is the second time I believe I had an encounter with an angel as stated in Hebrews 13:2.

Ron Murdock

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