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David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman
David Patrick Fitzgerald Kuhlman is a native of Northwest Georgia and spends free time as a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He also reviews UFO related books upon request. Some titles include " The Thinking Persons' UFO Book " written by author Gordon Chism and " The UFO Experience Reconsidered; Science and Speculation " written by Robert L. Mason. He devotes much time on the subject of UFOs and the possibilities of alien beings or spiritual entities possibly already among us. His writings have been featured in the "Journal for Frontier Science", "UFO Digest", " The MUFON Journal", and in the book "The Art of a Close Encounter" by Kim Carlsberg. His interest in the UFO phenomenon was fueled by two incredible sightings witnessed as a child which have never been forgotten. He is an active member of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and is founder of UFO Research of North America (UFORNA). He can be contacted via email at

Life, A Cosmic Approach
by David P Kuhlman

UFO Researcher/ Book Reviewer/ Writer

Posted: 16:17 October 29, 2009

I would be telling a flat out lie if I said that I feel UFOs are most certainly interplanetary vehicles from another place in our cosmos, and that they are piloted by intelligent beings, Wouldn't I? As far as most people in our society today are concerned yes, I would be stretching the truth to say the least. Maybe most of you out there would think that I had fallen off the batty wagon and a timely visit to the shrink's office would be the order of the day? Others I am sure would at least give serious thought to my genuine credibility and paradigms of my mental intellect at the very least, wouldn't they?

Well, I guess you need to make me an appointment! It stands to reason that if any one person dares to venture and tread into the not so popular or unexplained realms of our world, then they must be insane. The fact of the matter actually is the exact opposite and I would beg to differ strongly in fact. To me the insane ones, or the ones lacking up stairs, are the ones that day in and day out refuse and close their eyes to the world around them. Surely this is insane? What good that could benefit man come from such arrogant behavior? It is scarier to me to have supposedly intelligent people in all walks of life simply behaving as if they are looking through the eyes of a potato, than it is to actually be confronted by one of our darkest nightmares. Being prepared and educated about the world around us is imperative, don't you think? Here we are the most intelligent creatures that God placed on this Earth, a creature that is able to reason, solve problems, interact intelligently with our environment, and communicate fluently with each other, and yet we use these abilities sparingly.

I have read many articles, books, and editorials in many different publications and by just as many different writers as well. It does seem that most, not all, but most people in and around the phenomenon of UFOs and the alien hypothesis can not come to grips with the possibilities of intelligent life within our cosmos. Why? Firstly, I feel simple ignorance of the overall size of our universe is one major stumbling block that we all face. Yes, it is hard for even the most qualified cosmologist to decipher it in simple terms, and there is much that no one knows about it at all in precise detail, however even as a lay person we can learn much more about the overall make up of the universe in which we live, it just takes a willingness to do so. Look at all of the ridicule other scientist and researcher took in the past in making statements about the overall aspects of the universe, such as Galileo and Einstein, did this stop progress into the unknown?

Hardly. In actuality it brought new insight to everyone interested, and most of these 'far out' theories have proved and held true even today. This is the first crucial step that must be taken into consideration in route to the understanding of our universe way before we start commenting on the possibilities of intelligent life or anything else out there and beyond, and until we can grasp the basics of the universe and all it encompasses, it will continue to be a failed effort by all. Thorough research into the basics of the universe is in order, especially when it comes to looking for something that may or may not be there in the first place, wouldn't you think? I mean we have to be able to crawl, before we are able to walk in any new situation we are not familiar with. It is time to stop using ignorance as an alibi and to get back to in depth research and inquiries way before we ever open our mouths.

Another reason I think, for disbelief in life among the stars is based on the simple fact of our paradigm of thinking. Humans have this perception that life, if in fact it does exist elsewhere, must conform to life, as we know it here on Earth. Running water, shelter, oxygen, warmth of the sun, and food are all elements and building blocks for life on Earth. Does this mean these are principles of life elsewhere? We continuously and habitually search the heavens for 'Earth-Like' planets that may harbor life. Why? We do this because we are using an earthly approach with what we are familiar with, to search the heavens in hopes of stumbling upon possible intelligence that we would be vaguely familiar with. Since we have not pin pointed another planet that closely resembles ours, the popular belief is that other intelligent life must be unlikely.

To me, the earthly approach of searching for another intelligence makes us much more likely not to find anything at all. Out of the millions of stars just within our own galaxy the Milky Way there are just as many planets in number. Couldn't life exist or be based on different physiological elements than ours? Surely. The numbers are in favor of this drastically. Moving outside of our galaxy we enter into what is known as Interstellar Space or Deep Space, here the universe is home to millions of other galaxies, stars, and planets. This is a never-ending smorgasbord of galactic creation that has yet to be reached by human presence or technology.

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