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Analysis of the Argentina Cow UFO Abduction
by Silvia Pérez Simondini
Translation (c) 2009.
Scott Corrales

According to their story, it was clearly evident that the saucer-shaped vehicle was “absorbing the cow”. Suddenly, both the cow and the vessel vanished from sight. It wasn’t a helicopter or any known type of aircraft. Those were their comments.

When we asked if the animal made any movements whatsoever, we were told that there was the sensation that the animal was completely relaxed or unconscious, that it made no movement whatsoever. The duration of the sighting from beginning to end was from 17:22 to 17:30 hours (8 minutes) and this time is recorded in the sequence of photos.

The river is between 60 to 80 meters wide at that point, says Sergio.

The photos show several animals on the island.

According to residents of this island region, mutilated cows have been found on several occasions.

The camera with which the photos were taken is a Sony DSC-W70. According to the reports of Channel 3 in Rosario, when inspecting the camera, a series of photos taken earlier were found along with the ones of the case. In each of these photo files, the header placed by the camera manufacturer is visible – Sony, in this case – and the date and time in which they were taken also appears. Therefore, unless some sophisticated technical work was involved, these are original, unretouched photos.

Photo Analysis

Up to now we have retold the recorded testimony of the eyewitnesses; the analysis yields the following results:

CAMERA Employed:
SONY DSC-W170 10.1 megapixels.
Image resolution as per the respective images analyzed.
No modification or divergence was found regarding the subsequent editing information (enlargement) of the originals, using the same camera.


Down with alleged cow up the alleged flying saucer


1) Objects shown in the images do not display digital manipulation in the adjoining pixels.
2) There is a correspondence between brilliance and angle regarding the light source (the sun)
3) In non-destructive super-resolution processes applied to the image, the animal turned out to be a bovine with its right side toward the camera, its head hanging to the left.
4) It can be deduced that the animal photographed in the air was either lifeless or in a deep stupor, judging from its observed condition.
5) We have managed to see its hooves, tail and head.
6) The 3d analysis is self-evident.


According to the eyewitnesses, they were a maximum of 60 to 80 meters from where the events took place, at the watercourse of the Coronada River where it meets the Caracaña.


1) In the opinion of this analyst, it had a diameter of between 8 to 10 meters and perhaps some 2.40 to 3 meters tall.
2) Some sort of beam was captured by the camera, and we perhaps cannot appreciate it in its entirety due to some sort of camouflage, subsequently corroborate by the account.
3) Applying filters, we can see that the UFO emitted perhaps high-ionization heat in its upper and lower sections.
4) Volumetric analysis shows that it was a disk-shaped object whose brilliance corresponded to that of the sun. 5) It is surrounded by some sort of triangular element and another circular one, or otherwise, plasma that the camera did not record in another shape.
6) I highlight that the resolution of the images generates a lot of noise in the captures and implies a greater processing time.
7) Insects were present in the photo shoot, but not in these 4 main ones.

Conclusion – the digital document is to my understanding a complete and accurate one. (Analysis performed by Salvatore Valentin Carta – Santa Rosa – La Pampa – Argentina – CEFORA)

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