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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown. Both novels are available from the Barnes & Noble Web site,, and other booksellers worldwide. visit Steve Hammon's website at

'Defying Gravity', new TV series. explores space, human beings
by Steve Hammons

Posted: 16:53 October 6, 2009

When a new TV series blends human behavior, relationships, space travel and a mysterious undisclosed element, will we have a worthwhile show or something less?

Viewers may find out the answer watching the ABC TV series "Defying Gravity" which began Sunday, Aug. 2, 2009.

The story takes place in the year 2052 and follows eight astronauts, four women and four men, from five countries, on an eight-year mission to explore our solar system. We also meet their ground crew and other characters.

Although some reviews of the series have made fun of the romantic relationships on the spacecraft Antares, the fact is that human relationships are legitimate and important aspects of the field of space psychology.

In future years, when space missions may involve months and years, human behavior and relationships will continue to play a large role in space travel and activities.

When we see the characters and their ship in the context of viewing Earth from space, other psychological factors might come to mind involving people who are off-Earth and those of us on the planet. Real-life astronauts have frequently commented that viewing Earth from space is an experience that can give you a whole new perspective. Maybe viewers of "Defying Gravity" can also get a taste of this viewpoint.

And then there is the secret and anomalous aspect to the plot, which we currently know little about. It may have something to do with the astronauts' deep psychology and consciousness. It may involve something much larger than themselves and their apparent missions.


In the early days of manned spaceflight, U.S. and Russian astronauts were typically former military pilots. In subsequent decades, especially during the Space Shuttle years, crews have become increasingly diverse. Now, with "space tourists," scientists and others heading into Earth orbit in the near future, the human element will probably become more complex.

These human dynamics are key factors in "Defying Gravity." The astronaut characters are explored as fully human beings, with normal relationships and needs, as well as sometimes difficult histories and life choices. In fact, viewers learn more about the characters through flashbacks that attempt to illuminate their humanity.

Can viewers put themselves in the shoes of these characters? Can we imagine ourselves departing Earth for space and facing the many stressors, joys and unknowns involved?

Before long, we may not need to rely on our imaginations and TV series like "Defying Gravity." Several private commercial aerospace companies in the U.S. and internationally are developing space planes, orbiting space station "habitats" and similar projects that will allow more people to have the off-Earth experience.

Other countries are also developing more robust space programs and may soon be conducting more of their own manned (and womanned) space activities.

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