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Do You Believe That UFO/ET Disclosure Is Imminent?
by Ed Komarek

Indications are that all parties both extraterrestrial and terrestrial agree that it is preferable that humanity handle the actual disclosure process even as the extraterrestrials increase the pressure on governments to disclose. Extraterrestrial groups seem to be doing this by increasing overt global public sighting activity even as they increase their covert disclosure lobbying efforts directed toward world governments.

My contention is that politicians and bureaucrats are going to need some cover in the initial ignition process and that is where we civilians are being a big help. It's up to us to push our leaders forward to cross the Rubicon into a post disclosure world. I and other pro-disclosure civilians don't have a problem with igniting and being blamed for a possible truth conflagration because we don't have political reputations to consider and we feel that continuing along the present destructive evolutionary path is not a option.

It may be that governments can mitigate and regulate the process unless and until their credibility on this issue is so debased that they can no longer regulate the disclosure process. Still, important politicians are beginning to take a stand worldwide and are even willing to risk their reputations pushing for disclosure. The latest courageous individual to speak out is Councilor Hicks. This British politician discusses a six minute encounter with a human extraterrestrial on the streets of London.

Already Senator McCain and Dennis Kucinich have courageously made positive comments on UFOs to the press. We can assume that these politicians know much more about this subject than they are willing to publicly acknowledge and may even be covertly lobbying for disclosure in Congress.

Governments may be forced, "heaven forbid". to trust their respective public to exercise self restraint and thus allow the public to take back responsibility over their own affairs in this and other matters that has been denied them by their government and business elites. After all it was not the public that got us into this devolutionary predicament in the first place but it may have to be the public that has to clean up the mess post disclosure.

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