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If not a human conspiracy, What then?
by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 11:50 October 19, 2009

We have seen the result of insanity on a global scale across time. Kings and princes grasping for ever more. Religious mania beggaring the imagination, offering even their children in expressions of demented rage. The general populace choosing the most immoral among them as leader, even as god. Even now a cult of personality is built around the "chosen one" suggesting in many minds that he is the second coming of Christ when he is little more than a corrupt talking head with little ability and a huge narcissistic ego.

A generation ago many wealthy people in America financed the rise of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao in their turn, turning blind eyes to their dementia and their crimes. As a great Russian author said,

"Are these unable to see the terror or do they not care?"

Where then does this blindness come from? There is a supernatural element here. Otherwise sane men with impressive credentials give their lives and fortunes in pursuit of what rationality is evil. It is as though they are indwelt by a spirit of delusion. I believe they are. This push for a "new world order" a "one world super state" is in preparation for the coming "Age of Aquarius" where everyone will be required to undergo their own personal Luciferic Initiation for admission. It is not a human plan, but a supernatural one, conceived millennia ago.

Hollywood is preparing mankind for the advent of the New Age, in many eyes a cosmic occurrence of immense power is about to occur. Can the Star Trek/Star Wars and now the resurrection of the "V" series be just a coincidence? Many of the New Agers believe an alien invasion is about to occur—and the promotion of these movies is to indoctrinate our world in preparation for this event.

It may surprise you to learn that many in the church agree with this. I and many others believe that UFOs are real supernatural manifestations…. That the aliens (or demons) are all very real, with their Nefilim walking among us, waiting for their time of revealing...

Thousands of years ago these Aliens, Angels or Demons (your choice:) )walked openly among us, Creating the half man half supernatural hybrid known as the Nefilim.

Where did the ancients get all their astounding knowledge; from these Aliens, Angels or Demons? Obviously these demented supernatural creatures are about to have a second coming; openly and dramatically, and Hollywood is preparing mankind for this deception and delusion.

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