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A. J. Gevaerd studied Chemistry in several universities in Brazil. In 1986, he quit his carrier as a Chemistry teacher to research flying saucers full time. A. J. is the founder and editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine. He is also founder and director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research, the largest organization of its type in South America, with over 1,200 members. For the past 19 years has been the only full time UFO researcher in Brazil. In 1983, he was appointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek to be the representative of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Brazil. A. J. is the creator of the group UFOs: Freedom of Information Now. He heads this Brazilian Committee of UFO researchers, that has recently examined secret UFO docs in Brazil's official military UFO disclosure.

The former Brazil’s Air Force minister Sócrates Monteiro was interviewed by the Brazilian UFO Magazine and made astonishing statements about the action of extraterrestrial
by A. J. Gevaerd

Posted: 11:52 October 28, 2009

Another distinguished officer supports the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now!

Last Sunday, October 25th, Brazilian UFO Magazine interviewed the former minister of Air Force during the government of Fernando Collor, from 1990-1992, lieutenant-brigadier Sócrates da Costa Monteiro. The interview was conducted in his residence in Rio de Janeiro and was performed by this editor.

A. J. Gevaerd, with the cooperation of the co-editor Marco Antonio Petit and the consultants Francisco Pires de Campos and Arthur Ferreira Neto. It was more than two hours of extremely interesting and fruitful conversation, in which the military felt comfortable to talk about Ufology, like some other officials who also gave their statements to Brazilian UFO Magazine.

Monteiro is retired from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for a number of years, but keeps his bounds with active militaries from various sectors of the Brazilian military. He has an extremely lucid memory of the major facts of his activities in the Air Force and – of special interest to the Ufology – about how the country handled with the matter during the time when he was on active duty. Like other ministers, before and after him, Monteiro also had access to sensitive information on the interaction of other cosmic species in our country, reporting a few cases. He was pilot of many airplane types, including fighters, gathering more than 5 thousand flight hours in them.

The brigadier gives his interview to A. J. Gevaerd and exams released official documents given to him

“Technology far more advanced than ours”

The officer was the commander of I Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Centre (Cindacta), in Brasilia, at the time when he was ahead of registering the ufological occurrences all over the country, especially in the area of the Federal District and Southeast region. He revealed that the observations of unidentified flying objects were regular on the radar screens of the institution, well before he assumed its command, and that all the cases were carefully registered, with some of them being further investigated by the Air Force. In that occasion the expression “Traffic Hotel” was not yet used to designate UFOs. Monteiro described a situation when the radar station of Cindacta in Gama (DF) was overflown at low altitude by a disk type object of great proportions, and that its staff, without knowing what to do, opened fire against the “intruder”. When he got to know it, Monteiro gave them express orders to stop the gun fire immediately. “They have a technology far more advanced than ours and we don’t know how they would react to our action”.

The interviewee also was the commander of IV Regional Air Command (COMAR), in São Paulo, institution that controls the air space of the Southeast region, during the famous “UFO Official Night in Brazil”, on May 19th 1986, when the area was flooded by the appearance of more than 20 flying spheres of more than 100 m diameter each, which were chased by 7 FAB’s fighters F-5E and Mirage, sent from the air bases of Santa Cruz (RJ) and Anápolis (GO). This is one of the most important ufological cases in the country, which counted on the participation of the Embraer’s president at that time colonel Ozires Silva, on board of a Xingu airplane heading from Brasilia to Sao José dos Campos. Ozires spotted an object and even chased it over Sao Paulo state. As it is known, the Air Force Minister at that time Octavio Moreira Lima went to TV in national broadcast, the next day, to admit the “invasion” of Brazilian air space by UFOs. Both, Ozires and Moreira Lima, are friends of Monteiro and the first told him details of his sighting. Ozires is at this moment being contacted by Brazilian UFO Magazine for new statements.

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