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“Mystery Quest”
Interviews UFO Digest Editor

“Mystery Quest”
Robert D. Morningstar

On The History Channel's

“Mystery Quest”
"Alien Cover-up"
Area 51, Alien Crashed Disk Recoveries, Reverse Engineering

Posted:18:30 October 12, 2009

Sometime in early September ('09), as I was busily minding my own business in New York City, I received an interesting email inquiry regarding my views on Area 51 and asking if I would answer a few questions. The email came from The History Channel's "Mystery Quest," inquiring whether or not I'd be willing to discuss the topic of "Area 51," UFOs, extraterrestrials, US Air Force crashed disk retrievals and cover-ups. They requested a reply to discuss the topic by phone. The email was courteously written (and direct), so I replied affirmatively that I was willing to discuss my views.

I liked the idea because it gave me a timely opportunity to consolidate some ideas that have been evolving and developing for a while now, but had not coalesced into writing. We spoke and they asked for my comments on "Area 51 Questions." Here are the questions and my answers follow below:

1. Can you explain what the Nazca lines in Peru are?
2. What is the connection between the Nazca lines and aliens?
3. What can you tell me about the Roswell incident?
4. What is it believed the government did with the crash remains at Roswell?
5. What is the connection between Area 51 and aliens? Is it believed that the alien and spaceship remains are at Area 51?
6. What are some examples of how the government and military have used recovered alien technology?
7. Has the government actually officially acknowledged that Area 51 even exists?

My replies were: Area 51 Questions

1. Can you explain what the Nazca lines in Peru are?

M*: I believe them to be guidelines to landing sites in the interior of Peru for approaches of flying craft coming from the West (Pacific Ocean).

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