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Timothy Beckley Goes On The Trail Of The Dreaded Men-In-Black With The UFO Hunters
An Exclusive Interview With "Mr. UFO" As He Hits The Dusty Road In Search Of MIBs With The History Channel's Intrepid Threesome
by Sean Casteel

Posted: 00:30 October 22, 2009

"UFO Hunters," The Silencers Episode, Tentative Air Date: October 29, 2009
On the History Channel, 8 pm Eastern Time, repeating at midnight
(check local listings)

What do we really know about the fabled and mysterious Men-In-Black? Perhaps the best person to ask is longtime veteran of the UFO wars Timothy Green Beckley, whose book on the subject is nowadays considered the definitive work on the bizarre "heavies" of Ufology. And who should ask Beckley for his informed take on the subject but Bill Birnes and the team behind the popular History Channel program UFO Hunters.

In a recent interview conducted for this site, Beckley filled in some of the background on his upcoming appearance.

"Several months ago," he said, "I was contacted by the History Channel, the producers of the UFO Hunters show. They were interested in doing an episode on the Men-In-Black. Now it turns out that the episode is titled "The Silencers," and of course the name of the book I wrote on the MIBs is titled The UFO Silencers: Mystery of the Men in Black. So that's a good thing for both them and me. It's sort of a built-in tag line to promote the book I did, which has become a classic in Ufology being that it is the only legitimate overview of the subject of these dark-suited individuals who have threatened eyewitnesses, contactees and abductees."

Along with contributing his own expertise, as well as what he says is the only authentic photograph of a real Man-In-Black (about which more later), Beckley also helped the show line up some additional guests.

"I suggested they reach out," Beckley said, "to several other people who had been harassed by these cloak-and-dagger-like individuals and strongly recommended they get in touch with a gentleman by the name of Johnny Sands, if it was humanly possible to locate him after all these years. The truth is, I hadn't heard from Johnny since his original experience took place toward the latter part of December, 1975. Johnny Sands has been for many years a country and western singer and a stuntman and an illusionist and magician who had a very interesting experience while driving towards Las Vegas.

"He was within view of the city lights," Beckley continued, "so he couldn't have been that far out of town, although the lights up and down the Vegas strip certainly do illuminate for many, many miles into the surrounding desert. Johnny says he was driving towards the city to see one of the agents who books acts for the lounge at this particular casino. Johnny had just come out with a new record and wanted to get a gig doing a live concert at this particular venue. He was anxious to get into town before it got too late and was disturbed by the fact that his engine seemed to be sputtering."

Sands next observed a strange light and his vehicle came to a complete stop. Two beings appeared, descending on a shaft of light. One of the beings stood off in the distance, while the other one approached Sands and his stalled automobile. Sands later told investigators that the beings were about 5 feet 8, were completely bald and had what appeared to be gills instead of ears.

"For the next ten minutes or so," Beckley went on, "they had a brief telepathic conversation about the lights off in the distance, what people did there. The beings produced a holographic image of the Earth, showing Sandy what appeared to be explosions taking place around the miniature globe, indicating perhaps some future global conflict. Finally, the beings got back into their ship, which then shot straight up."

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For more information or to purchase these books, simply click on their titles:
Mystery of the Men in Black: The UFO Silencers
The Secret Life Of Paul Villa: UFO Contact From Coma Berenices

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