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Conspiracy Science
Part II

On the Role of 'The Black Hand'
of Political Assassinations in History
by Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2006, RDM*)

Posted: 15:00 November 22, 2006

The average person struggling with their conscience in the face of dehumanizing conditions, is, like Orwell's hero, "a hero who is basically neither good nor bad, up against the effects of a political system which in the end leaves open but one direction in which he can move - the one toward the movement."

"Patriotism and Blood are the "front men" for the Nazi State, providing a vessel for the forces of the collective unconscious to pour into."
- Frank Berube

Conspiracy Science
November 22, 2006

A Definition:

Conspiracy Science - n.
1. A field of science and modern historical research;
2. a faculty of reasoning, understanding and human comprehension, incorporating rational thinking, accurate perception and applied psychology to solve political murders and other crimes;
3. a philosophy of science that differentiates true "Science" from "Anti-Science" and distinguishes a "JFK Buff" from a "Warren Commission Buffoon."

Conspiracy: Redeeming the Word

The word "Conspiracy" exists in our vocabulary because "conspiracy," the act, exists in reality and has existed throughout history.

Are there any objections to that statement? I believe not.
However, I must ask myself in auto-Socratic dialogue: "Is this true?"

No, reader, I ask not "rhetorically," but auto-Socratically!
The difference being this:

A rhetorical question is most often not answered nor even thought to have an answer. In my experience, it is most often employed as a melodramatic ploy to distract attention from an unpleasant fact or to deflect a train of thought from an undesired track of investigation by the specter of a "distractor" (or a debunker).

An "auto-Socratic question," on the other hand, begs the querant for an answer. In fact, my auto-Socratic questions to myself perforce demand an answer from "me, myself and I" alone, to my own satisfaction and none other.

So, reader, I ask does "conspiracy" exist?
Daniel Webster seemed to think so.
Webster listed the word quite conspicuously in Section "C."

So, the word, "conspiracy," represents a real thing with several nuances of meaning and expression, some of which a mind-controlled and politically skeptical general public seems to have forgotten (or intentionally ignored) since 1963.

As everyone knows, a trademark of any totalitarian system or regime is the prohibition of certain ideas or thoughts, which the regime considers a threat to their legitimacy and their own existence. Such government "thought control" over the free thinking of the populace is achieved, effected and maintained by carefully controlling language through the banning, omission, evasion, discreditation, derision and/or ridicule of particular thoughts, beliefs or words that by their very use and expression contests the status quo and threatens the regime.

Two of those words are "government conspiracy."

However, while government may manipulate the consciousness of the nation through outright lies and disinformation, the truth seeps through subconsciously, often in dreams, which reveal the truth underlying the white-washing of government crimes by a totalitarian regime, employing controlled news media. The following essay, "The Third Reich of Dreams," by Frank Berube is an excellent exposition of this psychic phenomenon:

In the United States since 1963, the government, the mass media and the press have persistently attempted to discredit anyone who uses the word "conspiracy" as a "conspiracy theorist" (as if "conspiracy" is a bad word or "theorist" a derogatory term). However, the word "conspiracy" really exists in our language precisely because the act, which it denotes and defines, also really exists. There have always been "conspiracies" throughout history, for example, western history actually begins with the first political assassination in recorded history. One may, indeed, define "history" as a conspiracy, one written by "the winners." History is founded on "conspiracy" and our own western history began with one. Having succeeded, other assassinations inevitably followed and have periodically redirected history ever since. Here is a partial list:

1. The assassination the first king of Egypt, Osiris was a conspiracy organized by his twin brother, Set and Typhon, Egyptian Gods of Evil.

2. The assassination of King Tut and his wife, Princess Anksenamen, was a conspiracy concocted by an ambitious minister, the palace vizier, Ai, in collusion with Queen Tay, mother of the Pharoah Akhenaton. Modern x-rays of King Tut's mummy have proven that King Tut succumbed to a powerful strike to the back of the head with a sharp-edged object.

2. Many scholars suspect to this day that the assassination of King Philip of Macedon by agents of his wife, Olympias, to elevate their son, the future "Alexander the Great" to the thrones of Macedon and Greece was a successful conspiracy. "Alexander the Great", himself, continues to be a suspect in the murder of Philip, his own father, in his ascension to the throne.

3. The assassinations of the 2 ancient Roman populists, The Brothers Gracchi, in pre-imperial Rome signaled the inception of fascist totalitarianism of Roman Empire-building within the next half century. This too has many parallels with recent American history in the killings of the Brothers Kennedy. Just 50 years after the murders of the Brothers Gracchi, Rome had gone from a republic to a fascist dictatorship.

4. The assassination of Julius Caesar in Rome on March 15th, 44 B.C. was a senatorial conspiracy of oligarchs with many parallels to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

5. The assassination of Jesus Christ was a conspiracy. Jesus was a major political figure of great religious importance in Judea, i.e. as the self-proclaimed King of the Jews and direct bloodline descendent of King David (not to mention the fearsome word "Messiah"). Therefore, His claim to the throne was quite legitimate, posing a real threat to Roman power and authority.

Jesus of Nazareth was successfully condemned to death, judged as a threat to the authority of the fascist Roman State, through a well-organized conspiracy of affluent, persuasive and influential accusers, the High Priests of the Temple and the Sanhedrin, who through collusion and coercion swayed the Roman procurator, Pontius Pilate, to condemn Jesus to death for treason. The execution of a major political figure, despite the subterfuge of a kangaroo court trial, is actually an "assassination" and a "kangaroo court trial" (or a Warren Commission) is actually a conspiracy to sanction and commit murder under the protection of the State and under the guise of "Law." The Stalinist show trials of the 20th Century provide ample evidence and perfect examples of this efficient process of "legalized assassination" to eliminate political opposition.

6. The death of Hypatia of Alexandria, whose views and philosophy can be considered the beginning of "Feminism" as we know it today and the most intelligent, best educated and independent woman of the ancient world by a mob of Christians is one of the first assassinations of women in history.

The Christian mob was outraged by her Hellenic worldview and her outspoken intelligence and independence as a woman. Hypatia was caught by the hate- filled mob while riding in an open carriage (a chariot) and was murdered by the Christian fundamentalists whose views of the role of women in society were at the crux of the matter.

However, simply killing Hypatia was not sufficient punishment for the conspirators who sought to communicate a more sinister message to Alexandrian society, especially, intelligent, ambitious or "uppity" women. Hypatia's body was dismembered, the flesh and muscles stripped from the bones and then burned. Her bones were crushed, hammered and powdered into dust.

7. The murder of the mythical Teutonic hero, Siegfried the Dragon Slayer, was a political assassination, the result of the conspiracy of his rivals, King Gunther of Burgundy, the Queen Brunhilde and the traitor, Hagen von Trokjen.

8. The assassination of the French King Dagobert II (le Deuxieme) by agents of the Roman Papacy in medieval France was a successful conspiracy of both his political and religious rivals for temporal power and religious authority (see "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by M. Baignent, R. Leigh & H. Lincoln for details).

9. The assassination of the English king, Edward II, in 1327 was a the result of a successful conspiracy, executed by his wife, Queen Isabella, her paramour, Roger Mortimer, and their henchman, Thomas Berkeley, in whose castle the king was killed (with no visible mark left on his body).

10. The assassination of the 2 Princes, Edward V of England (1470-1483?) and Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York (1473-1483?), the two young sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville in the Tower of London by Richard III and his henchmen was a conspiracy.

Story continues on page 2.

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