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Black Operations & Government Cover Ups!
The Catch 22 of it all!
by Lyle Michel

Posted: 12:00 November 20, 2006

Black Operations and Government Cover-Ups! The Catch 22 of it all!It is extremely important to understand that our government employees in "black operations" are professionals. It is also important to understand that some employees in "black operations" feel that the people should be told what is going on and some do not.

Thus we have a "Catch 22."

One of the ways they have compromised on this issue is to teach people with out actually telling people they are being taught something important. This is done through science fiction sometimes, and sometimes through fact and fiction. They really get a kick out of this one. The alien autopsy film is one of the best examples on the point I am trying to make.

Did aliens actually die in the 1947 Roswell Crash! Of course they did! We have enough courtroom witnesses to make this point. Did they autopsy the aliens to learn as much about these extraterrestrials as they possibly could.. Of course they did! Is the alien autopsy film that many of us have seen the actual film of the autopsy. Maybe and maybe not! Black operations gets a real kick out of this!

They know full well that those of us who have a need to dot every i and cross every t will analyze this to death. So all they have to do is create the slightest discrepancies and many will immediately call the film a fake!

For example, they might take the actual 1947 film and reproduce it on a film that was made in say 1963 (I am making this up!).

Immediately the experts among us will shout fraud and off they will go! "Pleased as punch" that they have proven the film is fraudulent.

Is the film fraudulent! Well yes and no!

In this example the film does represent an actual autopsy of an alien. It just doesn't happen to represent the autopsy of an alien who died in the 1947 crash. It is important to note that a number of aliens have died in crashes. Thus, it could be an autopsy of aliens who were involved in any one of a number of different crashes including the 1947 crashes.

Have "Black Operations" taught us something and still kept the peace among themselves? Of course they have! No panic here!

The facts are that aliens have died when their craft have crashed on earth.

The facts are some if not all of these beings were autopsied.

The facts are that the autopsies were probably filmed!

The facts are that we, the public, have been shown film that has been altered in some way to make us question our own judgment.

Thus, the public has been taught that aliens have died in extraterrestrial crashes on earth. The public has also been taught that our government is fully aware of these events and has done everything they can possibly do to learn as much about the extraterrestrials as they can.

In conclusion, I hope many of you will be able to make sense out of what I have just tried to inform you about. We, the public, are being taught about the beings from other planets coming to earth.

Sometimes with facts, meaning things are exactly what they appear to be! And sometimes through science fiction. Meaning the theme of story is essentially true even if the story itself is made up.

The best public example of this is the Steven Spielberg film "TAKEN." The story is made up but the behavior and abilities of our government are essentially true and the behavior, abilities and technology of the extraterrestrials as presented in the film are also essentially true.

Anyway I hope you find this interesting!

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