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Editor's Note: This article and many of the articles written by foreign writers have been translated by using's translation tools and relying on personal friends. If any of our readers believe they have the time and expertise to tanslate French into English and Italian into English please contact me at

Observations of UFO Over Fontainbleau Forest
by Christian Macé
Posted November 7, 2006
(Translated by Robert D. Morningstar)

In May 1967, Mr. Hennequin, of the 'OURANOS" UFOlogy commission, observed a triangle-shaped UFO over the Forest of Fontainebleau. A few hours later, a storm struck this region; 25,000 trees were uprooted in one night! The services of National Forestry Commission were to recognize that, "never in the memory of man has such a catastrophe damaged these places as much." -à Quoted from Guy TARADE's "UFO-Ground, Planet under control", Editions Alain LEFEUVRE, 1980, p. 246.

1. A case among so many others, where Guy TARADE determined and referred to possible "correlations existing between a UFO over-flight zone and the weather disturbances occurring after its passage".

2) On May 24, 1967 at 11 p.m. on D50, close to Fleury in Brière and between Arbonne and Ury. Driver, Mr. Rémy DENEUVILLE, his wife and their two young boys observed "a white headlight," three meters high and then a red luminous sphere..." àQuoted from "Space Phenomena" of the GEPA, No. 14, pp.20-21, and "LDLN"1 No. 89, p.4. Reported again by Michel FIGUET and J.L RUCHON, in their book "UFO: The First Complete File of the Meetings in FRANCE ", with the Alain LEFEUVRE Editions, 1979, p.275 and 276.

3) On December 15, 20/23, 30, 1968; at ÉPISY ("Old Lock")

Witness: Mr. Alain THOUARD, 19 years-old.

Observation: A luminous ball of the size of a car, emitting a bluish gleam was observed stationary in a field. The witness was traveling on D148, in direction of ÉPISY.

Mr. and Mrs. THOUARD announced many unusual disturbances, which interrupted their T.V. reception during a good minute, a few moments before the arrival of their son. Inquiry by the gendarmerie of Morêt into Loing. -àSource: "LDLN" No. 98 (a), pp.5-6; An investigation begun again by Michel FIGUET and J.L. RUCHON confirmed cases referred to above, p.321-322.

4) Bowls (near the Seine and Marne), late Nov.1968:

One evening around 9:45 p.m., Mr. and Mrs. BRIÈRE, hearing their dog bark in the court, left their premises. They found no one in their yard, nor on the road, but in the sky a sphere of fire moved at good speed, silently in direction of Melun. It disappeared in the night after a few seconds ". Quotation drawn from "LDLN" No. 296, p.34.

5) In Forest of Fontainebleau:

August 17, 1977, around 23:45 (11"45 p.m.), a couple of motorists in a parking lot saw a machine, discoïdal in shape, turning on itself (revolving), at low altitude -250 meters elevation (above the ground), which released another machine of small size. Source: "Nostra²" No. 283, August 17 to the 13 sept.1977.

Witnesses: A.R. and B.T. of Paris.

6) Investigation of Frederique SAGNÈS and Daniel Boueyre of Group PHOBOS. SAGNÈS: Nurse. D. BOUEYRE: A Sociology Student

Date of the observation: November 22, 1978. Time: 16:45 (4:45 p.m.)

Location: A SILICA business in the commune of LARCHAN, close to the VAULT La Reigne, Department 77.

Weather: Slightly cloudy.

This is an important area of air and road traffic near the Montlucon-Montargis fault. Forest of Commanderie, an extension of the Forest of FONTAINEBLEAU, is a forest of leafy trees between the SEINE and the MARNE Rivers. River LOING-ESSONNE. An oil-drilling area with CHUELLES with Electric Power Transmission Lines of up to 380 kw. Ground/terrain: limestone and chalk.

Witnesses: Mr. Langlois, 46 years, owner of company, a groom, and two girls. Mr. Guyon Paul, 42 years-old, a workman with the business. Mr. Mimoun Ouassou, 33 years old, wire fitter, a workman with the company.

Location: A silica business employed in the manufacture of crystal and other industries. It is located at a few km from Larchan and 3 km from the Vault-of-the-Queen (Vault de Reigne), in the middle of a forest of oaks and pines.

It is similar to the Forest of Fontainebleau (large rocky areas). This forest is a place of many unexplored marshes, some of which appear to be up to forty meters of depth. Southwest of the company area is the "Rock of the Devil" (Devil's Rock) and the rock of Jeanne's injury (Joan Of Arc's wound).

It is around these rocks that a UFO moved in a flight path of approximately 250 meters in circumference. The daylight observation was well observed clearly and objectively by the three men. In view of these facts, it appears difficult to consider any assumption that the phenomenon had any relationship with a terrestrial or natural object.

Observation: It is 4:45 p.m. Everyone is working on the building site of the Langlois Brothers, but only three men are present there at this time because trucks leave and return unceasingly with their loads of sand. Thus only the named witnesses were present at the time of the observation. The witness who first saw it, Mr. Langlois, was standing on the level of the sand pit, Mrs Guyon and Mimoun were below, on the sides, working with shovels. Suddenly, Mr. Langlois drew the attention of the men, calling to them:

"Look at over there, that's turning!"

They observed two objects having the form of a reversed plate which turned around the Devil's Rock, a little lower than the top of the rock, approximately 20 meters off the ground, above the marsh, close to the tops of trees of the forest. The UFOs rotated counterclockwise at a vertiginous rate (high RPM), leaving behind them a trail, which the witnesses described as "condensation."

This trail was only visible close to the ground. Then the objects stopped and at this time a more important object left on the southern side, arrived, came to a dead stop and plunged behind the rock where it disappeared. Its initially indistinct form continued throughout and while leaving the clouds; it seemed to make bubble. It was a disc. Its size was estimated as twice the diameter of the sun. It also left a similar (condensation) trail near the ground. Only Mr. Guyon saw this object.

The landing site was not visible, but one can say that there was quasi-landing (touch down). At this point in time, Mr. Langlois raised his eyes towards the zenith and saw a fourth object the size of those UFOs, which revolved around the rock. It began a straight descent at a very fast speed joined the two others and started to revolve around the rock with them on the same flight path. Mr. Langlois noticed that it had a brilliant edge around it. Then all the objects disappeared behind the rock. The color of the objects, which the witnesses described separately was the color of Pantone No. 410-A.

No noise was perceived, which greatly astonished the witnesses. The departure of the objects was not observed. Mr Mimoun acknowledged that 15 days before, he had observed two objects on each side of the Devil's Rock.

The three witnesses are certain of the accuracy of the facts.

7) "On December 11, 1978, St Martin outside of Biere (between the Seine and Marne), around 5 a.m. in the morning, an inhabitant of St Martin near Biere saw a brilliant object in the sky, white in color, revolving and moving at low altitude above the Plain of Champfray ". Quoted from "LDLN" No. 182, February 1979, p.34. This is a recounting of information originally published in "The Republic" of the Seine and Marne oon the December 18, 1978.

Also see the special UFO magazine review "Invisible", NO. 11, pp.26 and 27, which also reports that towards mid-December 78, a person, known to be reliable, submitted a deposition with the gendarmerie of Ponthierry of the appearance in the sky of the Forest of Fontainebleau of a machine in the shape of "rugby ball 25 meters length". Reader take note that toward the end of the year 1978, there was a UFO wave!!!

Article continues on Page 2.

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