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Triangle UFOs Over France
with Black Masses, Beams and Boomerangs
by Christian Macé

Translation assistance by Fran Forstadt.

“On Monday, February 10, 1975, around 8:20 p.m., Mr. Fraisse, a grocer in Carcès, was at the wheel of his car, driving on Route N562 connecting Brignolles to Carcès. Arriving at the locality called “the Old Barn,” he saw a gleam on the roadside. Initially he did not pay very much attention to it.

“In taking a turn, the car, which was equipped with four quartz halogen lamps, lit an odd motionless object hovering 5 or 6 meters off the ground. The object was about fifty meters from the witness. The radio in his car first emitted static and then went dead completely.

“Intrigued by this dark mass, Mr. Fraisse parked his vehicle on the left side of the roadway, leaving the engine idling. He extinguished the headlights so as to have a better view of the object and remained in his car.

“The odd object was motionless there. Mr. Fraisse estimated its dimensions to be about 15 meters in length and 2 meters in height.

“The machine was in the form of one compact block, entirely black, on which five or six rectangular portholes were visible. On the end of the longest part (see drawing), it emitted an indefinable yellowish glow, rather like a light seen through an opaque window. The same luminosity appeared under the object and through the portholes. The light emitted under the machine formed a conical beam at the center [...]”

To compare the “Black Mass with Beams of Carcès” to the UFO of November 5, 1990 in France, see sketch in the book by Franck Marie, “UFO-Contact,” page 465: Case of Green-the-Large (dépt 91) and Green-St-Denis (dépt 77). The similarities are extraordinary!

Triangles in France, 1976

June 18, 1976: (From the book, “They Met the Extraterrestrials,” by Rene Pacaut, Editions Alain Lefeuvre, 1978, pages 137-139. Interview conducted at time of incident by Rene Pacaut.)

Several witnesses observed a Triangle on June 18, 1976, in Pierre-of-Bresse, Valley of Doubs. It was a little after 11 p.m.

Testimony of Pierre Château, mechanic in civil aviation in Dijon: “A few seconds was enough for me to be sure that it could not be a question of a plane, for multiple reasons. First of all, this machine did not have the shape of a plane and the lights of the object were at the very least odd. In the point of the Triangle located at front, two lights, white and orange, flickered. On the side of the Triangle which constituted the back of this machine, two enormous headlights were lit. And they were surely not landing lights since they were at the back. Moreover, this strange machine moved completely silently from north to south. Lastly, it moved much more slowly than the slowest speed of any normal aircraft.

[The object moved] “so slowly that Pierre Château had time to go find his camera and return to take three photographs, and his brother François had time to get his binoculars. The observers used these instruments to better follow the UFO. “Because it was one,” affirms Mrs. Château. “The lights which it projected were absolutely unreal and the spectacle was so eerie that we could not take our eyes from it.”

The witnesses estimate that they could observe the machine for more than five long minutes before it disappeared towards the north, behind the houses of the borough.

“It is a spectacle which I will never forget,” Germain Château repeats. “I could not imagine that there are such beautiful colors.”

Unfortunately, the photographs taken by his son were shot under very poor conditions and failed to capture an image of this gigantic moving Triangle.

November 4, 1976: (In the book, “UFO, The End of the Secrecy,” by Robert Roussel, Belfond Editions, published in 1978, pages 267-268 is reported a similar event: “A Triangular form”!

“It is a question of 3 military observers: the sentinel, the lance sergeant, and the chief of station of the ammunition dump of Mussuguet, camp of Carpiagne (CIABC), Marseilles. It was on November 4, 1976, around 9:45 p.m.

“A Triangular form, emitting a steady red light at the front and an intense white glow at the back, moving at low speed, was observed for a few seconds. It came from the direction of Marseilles, flying over the camp of Carpiagne. Then the apparatus disappeared at a very high speed in the direction of the Mountains of Ciotat. There was not the least noise!”

November 6, 1976: (From the same work, pages 121-122: “A Triangle with, at each angle, a white light.")

“On November 26, 1976, at 6:05 p.m., close to the village of Saint-Nazaire-D’ Aude, two witnesses saw a machine of triangular form, with dazzling white headlights, hovering motionless. When it rose into the air, the machine made a noise like a blower.”

“When the machine was in the air, they clearly noticed a red light,
comparable with a headlight, in the center of the machine.”

The Triangle of Brettnach, Moselle region, northeast France, December 8, 1977, (From the revue, "Ufologia" of the CFRU (French Circle of Ufologiques Research). “Investigation of the Triangle of Brettnach,” by Michel Turco, “Ufologia,” no. 16, First quarter 1979, page 7.)

For examination, all revues “Ufologia” are deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

“On Monday, December 8, 1977, around 5:15 p.m. Mr. Mery drove towards Brettnach (57) from Bouzonville. Before entering the village of Brettnach, he had noticed far in front of him two yellow headlights. [...] Mr. Mery noted that the lights came from a dark equilaterally triangular object, and that a third yellow headlight was also visible. The object had in its center a large fixed red headlight. Mr. Mery stopped his vehicle, turning off his headlights to better observe the object, and he was able to note that a shape was visible under the dark mass, but indefinable because of the shadows produced by the yellow headlights placed at each corner of the triangle. No noise was perceptible; there was nothing unusual about the headlights or engine of the vehicle. The object moved slowly, one of the points of the “triangle” ahead. Then, when it was above the ground and at approximately an angle of 45 - 50° inclination, the object started to disappear slowly, a little as if it were entering into fog; initially the headlight at the front disappeared, then those on the sides and then the red headlight [...]”

The author of these lines was the person in charge of the Essonne region for CFRU for twenty years. During the period of regrouping of various Ufologiques associations under the aegis of the CFRU in the 1970s, Jimmy Guieu was the person in charge of the investigations of the CFRU!

To compare: The Triangle of Brettnach (3 yellow headlights and a central red headlight) is identical to a Belgian object sighted on the evening of November 29, 1989, at 5:24 p.m.! ! ! The only minor difference was that at Brettnach the 3 headlights were yellow in color, whereas in Belgium they were white.

Aside from that, everything was the same as Brettnach!!! Other remarkable analogies: the Moselle is not far from Belgium. The Triangle of Brettnach of December 8, 1977, was observed at 5:15 p.m., and the Belgian object of November 29, 1989, started at 5:24 p.m., practically the same hour!

The Triangles of 1976 in France are also of identical appearance!

Note also these other astonishing similarities of all these Triangles: hov ering at low altitude, a slow speed, and without noise! (except in the case of Saint-Nazaire-D’ Aude, with the noise of a blower as it rose into the air).

Let us recall that the American stealth plane, the F117A (the first!), enjoyed its inaugural flight in June 1981 (1)!!! Therefore, these triangular objects could not have been this stealth plane, the F117A!!! These cases destroy the legend of the stealth plane!!!

The boomerang of Gruson, North, France, 1975: The boomerang of Gruson (northern France) on the night of August 16, 1975 (2) can be compared with the wave of boomerangs of February 5, 1992, in Williamsport, County of Lycoming, State of Pennsylvania, the USA (3).

The boomerang of Gruson can also be compared with that of Arcachon (the Gironde) of Friday, August 5, 1983, at 11:40 p.m. The resemblance is astonishing! The witness, Charles C. Arcachon, is a draftsman. See the pertinence of his observations in the review, “Lights in the Night,” no. 241-242, July-August 1984, pages 20 to 25.

Black mass with beams of Carcès: in 1975

Boomerang of Gruson: in 1975

Triangles of 1976 in France, and that of 1977 in Brettnach, France.

These shapes of UFOs in France are precursors that were later to be seen in large waves: Triangles on November 29, 1989, in Belgium; Triangles, black masses with beams, and boomerangs on November 5, 1990, in France! Curiously, these 2 waves occurred during the same month - NOVEMBER! Then came the boomerangs on February 5, 1992, in the USA, in the State of Pennsylvania.

Could the years 1975-’76-’77 have been the starting point of new technology for certain UFOs?

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