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Worlds Before Our Own Danielle Quinlan Lee is a writer, a psychic, a ghost hunter, a UFO researcher and investigator. She fully support the Disclosure Project and Dr. Steven Greer and all his efforts. She has recently started publishing articles for UFOdigest and is working on several book projects pertaining to the paranormal. Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact her on MySpace. Visit Danielle's website:

Residual Energies: Emotion Leftovers Part II
by Danielle Quinlan Lee
(Copyright 2007, Danielle Quinlan Lee - All Rights Reserved)

13:00 November 29, 2007

Residual Energies:  Emotion Leftovers Part II
Upon first impression of any new individual you may meet, you immediately form an opinion. You may not even converse with them, but you can tell within a few moments as to whether or not you feel good around this person. An individual's personality is literally written into the energy surrounding themselves. Similar to pheromones, an aura emits a vast amount of personal information. Without even being psychic or having the ability to see auras, your natural instinct can guide you when sensing another's energy signature.

For instance, when you are simply walking down the street, you pass by many other pedestrians. In an instant, you can distinguish between those strangers whom you feel you could possibly trust and those whom you'd like to cross the street to avoid. You might argue that it might be their appearance, attire or our preconceived notions of what an individual should and shouldn't look like that causes your discomfort. Those are perfectly acceptable options for explaining one's level of comfort or lack thereof with a stranger. But our ability to sense an individual's intention or level of kindness may also reside with our sixth sense, an empathic intuition.

Reiki masters and those who provide the gift of healing touch utilize and manipulate these powerful energies around individuals. They open, cleanse and restore balance to the energy fields of those in need. A clean, healthy and balanced aura can literally and profoundly alter one's frame of mind and even cure many types of ailments.

An aura left open to the toxicity of a highly unfavorable environment, bombarded by stress, invalidation, bitterness and resentment, can literally cause a person to become ill. Depression, chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalance can occur simply from an unstable aura. These ailments, in turn, can lead one onto the dangerous path of even more dire illnesses, such as cancer. Or worse yet, can directly hinder any efforts made to heal a major illness.

Unfavorably charged residual energies that may be deposited into the very fibers of dwellings and workplaces, can literally sap one's energy and force the depletion of a healthy aura and body. Antagonistic attitudes or trauma imposed by toxic people can leave you or your home with a very dark cloud hanging over it.

Two perfect examples of both positively and negatively charged residual energies impressed into locations are that of churches and graveyards. When anyone, even someone of little faith, walks into a church, a sense of peace, contentment and respect immediately wash over them. A church is a place of great positive and loving energy. Hundreds pray, meditate and forgive any ill will towards others, therefore cleansing themselves of adverse thoughts or attitudes. Have you ever seen a churchyard left in disarray or treated disrespectfully? Or do people gravitate towards kindness, compassion and respect upon entering the territory of the source of so many well intended thoughts?

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