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Patrick CookePatrick Cooke, is the editor / author of The Bible UFO Connection. He is an independent researcher residing in Berkeley, California. He is an author, publisher, eschatologist, an autonomous theologian, and is recognized by the Religion Newswriters Association as a nontraditional scholar. His work is not associated with any religious organization or movement. He is the author of The Greatest Deception, The Doctrines of Men, and The Real Apocrypha, and has produced the videos Spirits in the Sky and UFOs - The Flying Gods. He is always available to discuss anything related to his work. Visit Patrick's websites: and or email him at

Giants - Myth or Reality?
by Patrick Cooke

Posted: 17:30 November 24, 2007

Bhima's son Gadotkach-like skeleton found
Note: archaeologists top right and bottom left. - Hindu Voice

In the human experience, giants are literally the "elephants in the room". When our research first began on this paradigm, we had little knowledge of how extensive the evidence of their existence was. We now have a comprehensive database consisting of over 200 historical descriptions; over half from the United States and the U.K. history, alone. And, our unpublished files contain enough information to more than triple the current data we now have online. Were one to undertake a thorough study of giants and record all in detail, it would certainly be a life's work.

The lack of the presence of giants in orthodox history, academia, and anthropological studies is appalling in light of the true historical records from every part of the globe. Even more mysterious is the seemingly unanimous decisions by the keepers of the world's museums and archeological treasures to keep the physical evidence of giants hidden from public view. Only a smattering of the evidence is available in obscure locations. Thousands of skeletons and hundreds of historical reports are ignored.

The accepted knowledge among the world's peoples is that giants are the creatures of myth and folklore, relegated to children's fairy tales and B grade horror movies, an it is almost a crime not to include a giant in any fantasy film or video game. The reality is that giants were present throughout our history from ancient biblical accounts and historical Roman military campaigns to the relatively modern genocide of the natives of North America.

A Wealth of Evidence

Giants appear in the legends of Australia, Bavaria, Belgium, Chad, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India , Italy, Kazakhstan, Laos, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nova Scotia, Pakistan, Patagonia, the Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Terra del Fuego, Turkey, the United Sates, Wales, Zanzibar, and the ancient Incan, Toltec, and Nordic cultures, just to name a few.

Giants are everywhere; in our religions, our history, our literature, and our folklore. Legends of extraordinarily tall humans are found in almost every culture and, on almost every continent. But, they are always viewed as mythical beings. Jack, the Beanstalk kid, Paul Bunyan and his giant ox, and the travels of Gulliver are familiar children’s stories in English literature. There are festivals dedicated to giants, they are represented in paintings, statues, and rock art, and even the Catholic Church has its own giant saint; St. Christopher, who was so tall, he made a living as a human ferry, transporting people on his shoulders across deep rivers.

St. Christopher was described by Jacques de Voragine in "The Golden Legend": "He was of gigantic stature, had a terrifying mien, was twelve coudees tall.”, (a coudee is equal to or larger than the English foot). According to this ancient account, St. Christopher stood from 12 to 18 feet tall, a fact that was erased from church history. While Western icons don't picture St. Christopher as a giant, those of the Eastern churches do. His story, in brief, is that his name was originally Offro, or Offerus, and he was a giant of great strength, but of a sensitive nature, traveling in search of the greatest God. He was possibly of royal birth. His search eventually led him to a strange occupation as a human ferry, hiring out to literally carry people across rivers too deep for a normal human to cross. The legend has it that Jesus was one of his customers. Jesus supposedly blessed him, and told him that he had carried all the sins of the world on his shoulders. After the giant had carried Jesus across a river he asked St. Christopher to plant his great walking-staff in the ground. At once, a wonderful tree miraculously sprang up."

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