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Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial Life
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

Political science is now the discipline of choice for those wanting to study public policy issues and to be professionally trained to work with these. During the 1860’s, political science departments began to emerge in many universities. Similarly, exopolitics will be the discipline of choice for those desiring to study public policy issues associated with extraterrestrial life since it fulfills a functional need. The functional need is to understand how extraterrestrial life impacts on public policy issues, and to professionally train to deal with these. Exopolitics will be first established in departments of political science as a legitimate sub-field as is currently the case with ‘international politics’, ‘foreign policy’, ‘comparative politics’, ‘political economy’, etc., in many political science departments. Eventually, exopolitics will emerge as a distinct department with an interdisciplinary focus spanning public policy issues relating not only to political science, but to exoscience, exoreligion, exodiplomacy, etc.

Debunkers and Ufologists in general are poor students of history not to have observed how academic disciplines and sub-fields develop to fulfill functional needs. They are remiss in not observing how exopolitics will fill the functional need for the systematic study of public policy issues concerning evidence of extraterrestrial life. The choice of the word 'exopolitics' to represent this nascent academic discipline has long term strategic value due to the functional need it fills. Furthermore, exopolitics is the term of choice to deal with public policy issues like the national security cover up of extraterrestrial life and technologies.

UFOlogy as a field has little academic future since the functional need it serves will quickly be settled once the existence of extraterrestrial life is accepted. The reality of UFOs will be moot once they have been publicly identified as ‘extraterrestrial’, ‘interdimensional’ or ‘intertemporal’ in origin. Those devoted to UFOlogy are missing a great opportunity to contribute to establishing legitimate social science parameters for exopolitical study. Exopolitics is here to stay as the discipline of choice for a new branch of knowledge that will revolutionize academic studies and the world as we know it.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
Founder and President
Exopolitics Institute

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UFODigest Newsletter July 12, 2007

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