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UFO Over Tucson, Arizona 11/11/07
by Mary Alice Bennett

Posted: 23:19 November 28, 2007

A UFO over Tucson
On the evening of November 11, 2007, I was waiting for my taxi at Fry's market on 22nd St. near Alvernon Road. There appeared to be shimmering white and colored lights hovering over Reid Park a mile down the road. I watched them for 20 minutes as I waited, keeping my eyes riveted to them lest they disappear.

When the taxi arrived it was blaring U-2`s "New Years Day" on the stereo and the driver did not get out of the cab to help me or turn the music down.

I asked a security guard whether he saw the lights. He was watching them and seemed to be rather speechless. A helicopter swung around the area coming towards us, it had been checking out the lights as well.

As we pulled up to 22nd St. I asked the driver if he saw what I saw. At that point, I could see a big white light behind the trees. The driver reached the street and the light was kite-shaped and the size of a kite made of scintillating white light with colors around the edge hanging just across the street.

I said, "What is that?" The driver replied over the loud music, "That's a satellite." I know that satellites are the size of stars, but I didn't say anything. As we made a right turn onto Columbus, I was hanging out the back right window to see whether the light would follow us and sure enough it came swooping after the cab. It was an array of lights very close to the top of the cab to my right. It was hard to focus on the lights. It was like looking through a rain-covered windshield. As it passed by, the rear lights were red like a car's taillights and two multicolored lights set higher up followed them as if they were high up on tall fins. There was no craft, just the lights. This happened by a roadside shrine set up for a recent accident victim who was the good friend of a friend.

From the beginning of the sighting, my mind was on my departed friend and UFO author, Dana Redfield. She studied the Kabbalah and Gematria - the science and symbolism of numbers. She always said that, "There was something about the number 11." I told her then about Armistice Day on 11/11 at 11 o'clock.

This sighting happened on 11/11. Later I wondered what I would dream after that. I dreamed about my friends from the fire circus, Flam-Chen, that they were having an art show at Club Congress. A green fog (!) surrounded the paintings. Nothing says "paranormal" like a green fog!

P.S. Since I wrote this, I've heard of other witnesses to the event. Friends of my friend Valerie, who works at another Fry's Market, heard her co-workers talking about seeing lights hovering over Reid Park that same night.

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