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Worlds Before Our Own
by Brad Steiger
(Copyright 2007, Brad Steiger - All Rights Reserved)

15:00 November 21, 2007

Visit Brad Steiger's website: and also read Evidence for a New History.

<em>Worlds Before Our Own</em>
On expedition in the ancient city of the giants, Sacsahuaman, high in the Andes of Peru. Remarkable archaeological discoveries and the unearthing of startling anomalous finds are presented, along with numerous mind-boggling photographs of unexplained phenomena may be found in Worlds Before Our Own.

Ancient rabbinical texts state that "worlds upon worlds there were before Adam was."

Before its recent rebirth at Anomalist Books, my book Worlds Before Our Own had a rather bizarre publishing history. When the book was first released in October of 1978, the initial reviews were the most scathing that I have ever received. One reviewer was so offended by my arguments for a global prehistoric civilization and my presentation of mysterious "man-made" artifacts found in the deepest, most primordial geological strata that he called for the book to be burned.

Worlds Before Our Own
Order Worlds Before Our Own
Previously, I had dealt with religious fundamentalist critics who denounced me as an agent of the devil for my explorations into the paranormal and UFOs, but I could not comprehend how a book that presented the evidence for a prehistoric, pre-Homo sapiens civilization could possibly upset a book reviewer to the extent that he would call for a book to be burned. Others followed suit and angrily declared that I had no right to write about archaeological anomalies, because such discoveries, if acknowledged, would demolish the traditional time-tables of human evolution.

It seemed that a host of critics were highly offended by my listing sites of exposed strata of the Paleozoic era that bore clearly defined sandal prints and foot prints, thus making those "human" imprints 250-million years old. If these were not hominid tracks, then such prints certainly appear to have been made by some bipedal creature with a very human looking foot.

Fossilized footprints such as this have been found throughout the planet--but perhaps especially in the southwestern United States. In addition, humanlike footprints have also been found in situ with the tracks of three-toed dinosaurs, thereby causing no end of controversy in the halls of orthodox science, for the conventional calendar of epochs has the great reptiles disappearing 60 million years before humankind's nearest ancestors even began their evolutionary trek.

Certainly, any attempt to solve the puzzle of humankind's origins is very difficult.

In April 1997, word was released of a discovery of four finely crafted hunting spears dated at 400,000 years ago that were found in a coal mine sixty miles from Hanover, Germany. The six and one-half foot spears, superbly made and weighted for precision throwing, are, according to archaeologist Hartmut Thieme, "the oldest and most complete hunting weapons ever found."

The difficulty with this discovery is that orthodox and conventional scientists have previously argued that humans did not begin hunting until 40,000 years ago.

On November 17, 2007, paleoanthropologist David Lordkipanidze's excavations at Dmanisi, Georgia, yielded skeletons of small-framed early humans 1.77 million years old. Easily the earliest hominid fossils to be discovered in Europe, the enigma of how these ancestors of humankind made their way from Africa's Great Rift Valley to the highlands at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains will not be a simple one to solve. In fact, the whole "out of Africa" theory of human migration may have to be rethought.

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