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Open & Anonymous Calls To OBAMA

An Open Letter to President-Elect
Barak Obama
Larry W. Bryant
November 9th, 2008

Dear President-Elect

As you, Senator Obama, prepare to take office, you have the opportunity to create a "presidential legacy" of astronomical proportions.

Considering that the worldwide UFO-E.T. presence won't go away quietly into the night, and that certain government agencies (including the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of the Navy) have known this cosmic fact of life for decades, I'm asking that one of your first presidential acts be the appointing of a Presidential Commission on UFO-E.T. Disclosure.

The proposed commission's charter would focus on such goals as --

Promptly ending the world governments' truth embargo on the reality that some of the reported unidentified flying objects represent hardware from elsewhere. A government's telling the truth to the public never has been a matter of partisan politics.

As President Carter began his tenure, he received several thousand letters from Earth citizens of all walks of life, urging him to apply his knowledge, experience, and authority toward ending officialdom's Deepest Secret: that we share the universe with other sentient beings.

Likewise, President Reagan publicly expressed his view that the reality of advanced extraterrestrial life forms could have a unifying (if not a calming) effect upon Earth's rampant tribalism. And President Clinton formally sought access to agencies' hard-core evidence of UFO reality during his tenure, his former chief of staff (and now your transition team's chief) John Podesta famously noting that the public "can handle the truth."

Bringing some of the best minds, professional talent, and accomplishments from government and the private sector to bear on coordinating the public's stakeholder-ship in sharing and exploiting the knowledge of UFO-E.T. reality. At its most local level, the disclosure-acceptance process already has begun in America's heartland. The leaders of that grassroots project are charting a course easily adaptable and extendable by the proposed presidential commission.
I'm talking about Denver's proposed ballot initiative to create and operate within that city an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission (See its web site at

History shows -- e.g., as with the U. S. civil rights movement -- that a nation's governors occasionally must be prodded into action by the governed. President Johnson's legacy on this principle stands as a beacon by which you, sir, may bring official, worldwide UFO-E.T. disclosure to fruition. By the stroke of a pen, your executive order establishing the sought-for commission can set in motion a chain reaction beneficial to all citizens of Earth. The moment for this paradigmal shift in UFO-E.T. awareness can never be more ripe.

Please seize it promptly -- and thereby help us all reap its rewards.

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