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Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites - Part II

An Excerpt From the Book
By Robert L. Hastings

( Copyright 2008, Robert L. Hastings - All Rights Reserved)

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Posted: 14:00 November 5, 2008

Given this exchange, it appears that although Bobo did admit to seeing a "huge ship" and "several lights", he described all the action as having occurred over the woods, and much nearer to RAF Woodbridge than the Bentwaters WSA.

Bobo continued, "When the object first caught my eye, it was already stationary, I didn't see it move to where it was and I didn't see it leave. I never left the tower and I kept a close eye on the object most of the time, you know, trying to figure out what it was and what it might do next."

I asked Bobo if he had observed anything resembling beams of light coming down from the object at any time. He paused a moment, then said, "No, not beams of light. But after it was hanging there a long while, I saw things shooting off it, really, really fast, like little sparks or something. Maybe four or five of them. Little pieces of light, all leaving within a minute [of one another] like they were getting out of there. I hate to say it, but they looked like little ships, like drones maybe, but I don't know. They were shooting off in all directions, but up into the sky, not down to the ground. Right after that, the big object just disappeared. I was watching it, at least I thought I was, but it was just gone. I don't know what happened to it."

This description of the UFO breaking up into smaller ones is almost identical to the one provided by Lt. Col. Halt in his memorandum of 13 January 1981, when he reported the object he and his team saw hovering over the farmer's field. It will be remembered that Halt also told various interviewers that three of the smaller objects had then flown away, two to the north and three to the south. The latter group first moved in the direction of Woodbridge and then on to Bentwaters where, according to Halt, one or more of the UFOs sent down beams of light near or into the WSA, based on the radio chatter he heard at the time.

Given Halt's account, I asked Bobo if he thought it was possible that he may have been looking in another direction at the moment one or more beams fell nearby. He said, "I suppose so, but I would have heard something on the radio, unless those reports were on another frequency. I had no indication of anything like that, from what I saw or heard at the WSA."

I asked Bobo how many nights he had been in the WSA tower that week. He replied, "Only one. When we were on at nights, it ran from 11 [p.m.] to seven [a.m.]. The night prior to that, we, D-Flight, were off-duty, on a 24-hour break, and before that, uh, we were on afternoons earlier that week." [The afternoon or swing shift was from 4 p.m. to midnight.] I asked Bobo who would have been in the tower the other nights that week but he said he didn't know. I then mentioned the statements made to me by Carl Thompson, of the 2164th Communications Squadron, who reported his co-worker's frantic calls from the tower at the WSA-on two different nights, perhaps two days apart-as he excitedly reported a UFO very near the WSA. In fact, according to Thompson, on the second night, the UFO reportedly buzzed the tower, causing ------- and the guard to "hit the deck."

When I mentioned this, Bobo said, laughing, "That sure wasn't me! There was someone up there with me that night, at least for awhile. But I never saw the UFO that close, uh, coming over the tower or anything like that. I had a 360-degree view. I was looking straight down the row of bunkers when I was looking at the object over the forest."

I asked Bobo whether he had been debriefed after the incident, or threatened by OSI agents, and told to keep quiet about the sighting. He replied, "No one talked to me."

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