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USAF Pilot Was Ordered To Fire At A UFO In U.K. Airspace!
This Matter Surely Had Significiant "Defence Implicaltions!

Report compiled by David Cayton

Posted: 11:45 November 17, 2008

Featuring the detailed first-hand personal account by the pilot concerned.


Fighter Command HQ RAF Bentley Priory, Stanmore, the ADOC (Air Defence Operations Centre) Authorisation for Milton to fire would have sanctioned from here.
One night, at the height of the 'Cold War' in 1957, two USAF jet fighter aircraft which were on QRA stand-by (Quick Reaction Alert) at RAF Manston, were scrambled to intercept an 'intruder' which had flown into the U.K. airspace whilst being constantly monitored by ground based radar systems. Clearly, the 'intruder' was recognised as NOT a Soviet aircraft of any description, presumably by its unusual flight manoeuvres and characteristics. In fact at one point it was actually stationary for a long period over the Ipswich area! Normally, one would hope and expect that our defence systems would not allow an unfriendly aircraft to penetrate that far inland before being intercepted and 'escorted' back across out of our territory!

I can verify that during my own past RAF experience while stationed in West Germany in the early 1960's, that at least once a month, one of my '80' Squadron's Canberra P.R.7 aircraft was stripped of all the camera fits and flew at low level and at high speed, over into the Soviet controlled, Eastern Zone of Germany. The idea was to probe and try to defeat the Soviet defence radar systems by flying low under their radar. The Soviets did exactly the same to us. Our Squadron aircrew, on returning, used to joke that they had again waved at 'Ivan' going past in the opposite direction! This was a regular 'war game' acknowledged by both sides. Nothing as serious as the subject of this report!

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It is patently obvious that on this occasion in 1957, the 'intruder' was clearly identified as another intrusion by an 'unknown' (UFO) otherwise the 'order' to fire rockets at the object would never have been authorised! Most certainly, we would have 'Rules of engagement procedures' in place at that time; just in case the 'Cold War' turned into 'A Hot' one! (And I expect we probably still have!) Initially, at the moment of 'scramble', as our pilot was being vectored towards the 'target' by GCI (Ground Control Intercept) he assumed it to be a conventional unfriendly aircraft. When he was given the order to fire his weapons he was acutely aware of the gravity of the situation! Only later into the mission did he realise that this 'target' was not a terrestrial aerial craft! (The pilots own testimony will make this clear later on). Nevertheless, he was shocked to be given this order to launch his 'Mighty Mouse' rockets while flying within United Kingdom airspace. To fire, at that time, upon a Soviet aircraft could have had grave repercussions, possibly leading to the outbreak of a Third World War! ANY decision made to order aircrew to take offensive action by firing their weapons at an intruder, would not have been taken lightly! Highly placed British military officials would certainly have been involved! The U.S Air Force was NOT permitted to independently authorise these actions over British territory.

As an example, in 1980, Deputy Base Commander at RAF Bentwaters, Lt. Colonel Charles Halt and his men, were required to leave all their hand weapons within their Base before they proceeded out onto our British soil, in order to carry out their investigations into the sightings of the mysterious object which was seen to land just outside their base perimeter in Rendelsham Forest!

Also, just remember, by comparison, the international furore that followed the incident of the 1960's when American pilot, Gary Powers, in his unarmed 'spy' plane, was 'brought down' by the Soviets when flying high over Russia!

I would like to record my thanks to friend and fellow researcher, Harry Harris for his sterling work (and good fortune!) in bringing this case to my notice, originally in 1994, and allowing me access to his files and correspondence. We are now both especially indebted to one of the two pilots directly involved in this 'incident', Professor Milton Torres (ex USAF Major retired) for his co-operation and willingness to publicly come forward and recount in such great detail, his alarming experiences of that night, now some 50 years on!

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