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Preliminary report about
the first Brazilian crop circles

by A. J. Gevaerd
A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

Posted: 13:15 November 19, 2008

Ufology is mostly all about going to places to examine the facts in locu, examining all the situations involved and looking at the witnesses' eyes, subsequently, checking the truthfulness of the facts. In the particular case of the first Brazilian crop circles, reported at the morning of Sunday, November 09th, 2008, it couldn't be any different. Investigating this case meant seeing what the inhabitants of the little Ipauçu county and other areas in the nearby countryside felt.

It was necessary first to get acquainted with details involving the crop circles in the area of the State of Santa Catarina, south of Brazil, and then to testify that they are in no way the product of human action, far less a natural phenomenon, such as meteorological or atmospheric effects. These conclusions are confirmed by agronomists, engineers, journalists, professors from several fields of knowledge and, above all, by the humble and savvy small farmers in that region, who were as astounded at the facts as the aforementioned specialists. A great deal of information on the circles is already available at the internet, especially on Brazilian UFO Magazine website [].

A. J. Gevaerd (centre) measuring the secondo circle in Ipuaçu (wheat), November 9th, 2008

I now outline a few details of what I and my colleagues found.

1. No indication of a hoax has been found. There were no footprints, no human signs of any kind or tire tracks, as can be confirmed by the first people who saw the phenomena on Sunday morning and afternoon, November 9th. Presumably the circles were formed between 10 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday, but so far this has not been precisely determined. On November 11th, when UFO Magazine editor-in-chief A. J. Gevaerd arrived at the site, only 2,5 days after the event, a great deal of rain had fallen over the patterns, which nevertheless remained almost intact. But still many people were - and still are - visiting the site, which has resulted in relative damage to the first circle and mild damage to the second one. That, however, did not hinder analysis.

Above, photos of the first circle in Ipuaçu (triticale), November 9th, 2008

Above, photos of the second circle in Ipuaçu (wheat), November 9th, 2008

2. The circles are identical, a detail which helps to discard the human action hypothesis. The first crop circle, nearest to town, about 2 km from the downtown area, was made on a triticale field. Triticale is a rougher type of wheat. The second circle, about 5 km away from the first one, was found on a bed of wheat. Both were 19,6 to 19,8 m across - 9,8 to 9,9 m radius -, had a visible center and were surrounded by a ring of untouched plants, 1,5 to 1,6 m thick, and by yet another ring of plants equally crumpled, 2,1 to 2,2 m wide, after which the ordinary plantation is found.

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