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Michael Knight has been a journalist, author and documentary director since 1960. He is Editor of the international Internet newsletter, "Earth Change Report" and author of the ebooks "Earth Changes - Mind Matters," and "How To Survive Earth Changes, Economic Depression and Martial Law." He is also Director of the documentary DVD, "Contact Has Begun."

UFO "A Flying Aircraft Carrier"
says Sabre Jet Pilot

by Michael Knight

Posted: 15:00 November 13, 2008

Imagine a UFO as big as an aircraft carrier, hovering motionless in mid air, then traveling at speeds up to 7600 miles an hour...and disappearing from radar instantaneously as if its crew were aware that the jet that was chasing them was locked on and about to fire 24 missiles.

That, in brief, is the story – true story according to Reuters – of an encounter between a Sabre jet and a giant UFO over Britain in 1957.

Fast forward to 2008 to Queensland Australia – and a chance photograph (exclusive to this article) of a craft that just might be as big as an aircraft carrier.

Are these two incidents connected in some way?

Details of the formerly secret report about the encounter over England have finally been released by Britain’s National Archives, and one of two pilots involved is at last able to speak out.

On that strange May day, Milton Torres was based at the Royal Air Force Manston, Kent, airfield.

It was Cold War time and the world was jumpy about the nuclear threat which was to become known as MAD – or Mutually Assured Destruction – as Russia, the United States, Britain and France ploughed ahead with testing atomic bombs that they knew could annihilate everyone and everything.

As if we had not seen enough death and destruction in the Second World War, it was now a case of looking forward to the Final War...perhaps with the perverse idea that "the winner takes all...even if there’s nothing left."

Despite everlasting denials by officialdom, UFOs of many shapes and sizes, crewed by beings of many different races and civilizations, have definitely been visiting and monitoring our planet for eons. Their presence increased when our species opened the nuclear Pandora’s box.

Significantly – but seldom mentioned - although some of their craft have been shot down (or brought down by radar) there is no record of any of them having taken an aggressive approach to the jets that have been scrambled to chase them – some, as in the case of Milton Torres, with orders to shoot to kill.

Even before he got off the ground, Torres had been instructed to lock on and shoot as soon as the target was acquired.

Now it may be a fake photo, but this image of a Sabre jet chasing a UFO certainly has some basis in reality – because that’s exactly what Torres was doing over 50 years ago.

More than that, the reality of the moment was even stranger than fiction, because it’s almost impossible to imagine that a UFO could be the size of an aircraft carrier.

Further, despite official denials for decades, even astronauts, such as Gordon Cooper (as mentioned in the recent DVD "Contact Has Begun,") are on record as saying they chased UFOs when stationed in Germany during the Cold War.

To quote Torres (from a Reuters article by Peter Griffiths) "I was only a lieutenant and very much aware of the gravity of the situation."

And then, perhaps the understatement of the past two centuries: " I felt very much like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest."

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