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"...What You Think You Saw,
You Did Not See!"

Kevin W. Smith

(Copyright 2008, Kevin W. Smith - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 12:44 November 11, 2008

Remember the song, "Men In Black" by Will Smith?

What a great song, especially as the theme song for the movie in which he co-starred, "MIB". It was catchy, novel, and forced even the stodgiest of personalities to tap their feet. But, it was much more than that. It stated a lot of truth.

For instance, it stated the official position of the UFO/ET secret keepers: 'Cause what you think you saw, you did not see. That is precisely the official position, and has been since shortly after the Roswell crash in 1947. It started with General Ramey's actions just hours after the Army's press release that they
Jessie Marcel
were in possession of a crashed flying disc. Ramey held a press conference in which he had Major Jesse Marcel, Intelligence Officer for the Army Air Force's 509th Bomb Group, appear for reporters with scraps from a weather balloon while Ramey declared it was all just a case of mistaken identification of crash debris. It wasn't a flying disc after all. It was a weather balloon.

One need only look at the expression on Maj. Marcel's face in those photos to see behind the cover up. His expression literally screams, "Are you kidding? Are you guys really buying this?"

Marcel began to talk about the Roswell crash and this press conference, in his later years. When he began to talk about it, he told the world that the craft that crashed at Roswell was genuinely not from this world. He also said that there had been a cover up, and that he was part of it right from the start. He said that Ramey had ordered it, and he (Marcel) being a good soldier, did as he was ordered.

General Ramey
Perhaps the most blatant, in your face, aspect of General Ramey's lie to the American people was what Ramey held in his hand during this birthing of the mother of all cover ups.

While Ramey was telling the press that there was no crashed flying disc, that the entire thing was just misidentified debris from a crashed weather balloon, he was holding absolute proof that he was lying. While Major Marcel was following orders and holding up pieces of a crashed weather balloon for the reporters to see, General Ramey held something quite different in his hands.

The piece of paper General Ramey held in his hands can be seen in the one of the four photos shot at this press conference. At the time, there was no technology capable of reading what was on that paper. But now, there is. By use of modern optical and computer technology, the writing on that piece of paper has been read.

General Ramey's telegram
There are several excellent sites that delve into the Ramey "telegram" quite extensively, and provide the text of the telegram. It turns out that the telegram held by Ramey at the very time he is telling the reporters that it was all just a mistake, and that the debris was really from a crashed weather balloon, literally declares the General is engaging in an outright lie.

The telegram is from Ramey to General Vandenberg and the Pentagon. It speaks of the flying disc, survivors, and the planned cover up with the story about weather balloons. This entire farce being played out in front of the reporters is outlined in the Ramey telegram he is holding in his hand. He is, in effect, holding the script for the cover up he is perpetrating. Never mind the many, many, credible witnesses. Never mind the fact that people had actually touched the debris and seen for themselves its other-worldliness. Never mind the fact that the Army had already slipped up and told the truth in a press release. The official line was, what you think you saw, you did not see. And that has been the official position ever since.

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