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A Little Experiment: Pendulums, Telepathy and Aliens
by Regan Lee

“You Know They’re Here, Don’t You?”

The first time it happened, I was in someone’s living room with a group of people. An informal UFO study group; we were talking about UFOs, sightings various individuals had had, etc. I suddenly had a very strong and slightly electrical feeling (similar to what I get when around ghosts or spirits or with other psychic phenomena) that we were being watched and listened to. Furthermore, that the entities watching us were here, in the room with us, and I could tell exactly where they were: up towards the ceiling in a corner of the room. I felt very strange -- was I going insane? Maybe it was just all this talk of weird UFO stuff. I glanced over and the woman who lived in the house -- and has had a life time of UFO experiences, including abductions -- was giving me the widest grin. I wondered what the heck was she was grinning at? Finally she said “You know they’re here too, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question. She went on to say that this happened several times before.

The second time was in our own living room. I was with my husband and a few friends. The conversation turned to UFOs. I had that feeling again! I didn’t say anything, but I was becoming uncomfortable. Then my husband said that he felt them in the room with us; he had been aware of them watching us for a long time.

The last time this happened was in the house we’re living in now. Four of us, my husband and another couple, were talking about all kinds of things. The conversation turned to UFOs and ghosts, which wasn’t unusual, given that this couple has had a life time of extremely intense paranormal (including Bigfoot) encounters. Just as if someone had switched on a light, they there were! I could feel them, hear them, and I could hear them, or sense is more accurate, that they were kind of laughing or more like chuckling -- they were defiantly amused. I could point exactly to where they were: up towards the ceiling, in the west corner of the room. Again, I remained silent, but my friend Lola suddenly said “I feel like we’re being watched, there’s a presence here, right there” and she pointed to the corner.

Expecting a Spaceship

I’ve seen several UFOs throughout my life. Sometimes there’s a sense of communication going on; other times, it seems random. Years ago I was at a friends home. We were downstairs watching vacation slides, and I had the sudden feeling we were going to see a UFO. I was waiting for it. I noticed the hostess kept looking out the window, watching something. It was nighttime, so all one could see were lights and the dark. I knew she was watching the UFO. After a few minutes, she said to everyone “Look, come look at this light” and we did. All we saw was a white light, but it was very bright, and doing a strange bobbing thing, moving towards us. We went upstairs to get a better look. With the naked eye, it was a white, round light. Through binoculars, it changed shape every few seconds: triangle, square, rectangle, as well as color: turquoise, orange, red, yellow, green.

What strikes me about this event was that the object was almost boring -- just a round white light -- yet when observed through binoculars, it was pretty amazing. And why have such a strong foreknowledge of such a mundane looking object?

The Orange Orb

And then there’s my orange orb sighting in the 1980s, where the object seemed to respond to my thoughts, following me intentionally. There was missing time involved in that encounter -- not just for myself, but my husband as well. Intense dreams, nightmares really, followed that sighting, for example, dreams of beams of x-ray type lights that paralyzed us.

The Pendulum

The other night I decided to use a pendulum to see if I could discover anything about these experiences. I like the aesthetics of using a pendulum, I like the personal connection between the earthiness (I use stone or gem spheres) and myself. I asked the pendulum if my encounters with the orange orb UFO, and the presence of these invisible entities were connected with aliens “from outer space.” (These were separate questions.) The answer was a strong yes.

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